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San Diego
Thursday, May 30, 2024

ImmunoScape Raises $14 Million

ImmunoScape, a biotech company which specializes in cancer treatment, has raised $14 million fundraising round.
The Series A round was co-led by EDBI, an investment arm of the Economic Development Board of Singapore and existing investors San Diego-based Anzu Partners and Japan-based University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners.

The funding will be use to further advance the capabilities of its Deep Immunomics Platform and scale up a new San Diego laboratory, said Choon-Peng Ng, founder and CEO of ImmunoScape.

Significant Strides
Founded in 2016, ImmunoScape’s mission is to use its Deep Immunomics technology platform to characterize the immunome at scale, enabling the development of next-generation immune-therapeutics and delivering transformative impact for patients and their families.

In particular, its platform combines mass cytometry, single cell sequencing, and proprietary computational bioinformatics, data analysis, and visualization tools to provide novel, reproducible immune profiling information.

This technology allows them to deliver new insight into what the immune system is actually doing, and how T cells change as they respond to specific antigens.

“Since our last funding announcement less than a year ago, we have made significant strides in our collaborations with organizations such the NIAID and Johns Hopkins, with whom we published multiple COVID-19 studies, one of which was recently spotlighted by the NIH,” said Ng. “We also established a scientific advisory board chaired by our co-founder, Evan Newell, and grown our U.S. presence with experienced scientists and biotech executives, like Geoff Nosrati, as our chief business officer.

Eight Collaborations
Looking forward, the company will work to increase its capacity for in-house R&D activities and to expand its partnerships with biopharma and leading academics in drug development efforts within immuno-oncology, infectious disease, and autoimmune disease.

In total, the company has collaborated with eight academic institutions and biopharma companies including Johns Hopkins University, National Cancer Center of Singapore, Arcturus Therapeutics, and Valo Therapeutics, among others.


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