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MVP Launches Fourth Fund

Moore Venture Partners (MVP), has launched its fourth fund (MVP IV) to continue backing companies in the life science and technology space across all stages of their growth.

As one of San Diego’s oldest traditional venture capital firms, it continues to grow the fund by tens of millions of dollars, according to Brady Beauchamp, who joined the firm earlier this year. The size of the fund has not been disclosed.

“Moore Venture Partners has been around for over 10 years and we’re now in the process of raising our fourth fund,” said Brady Beauchamp, partner of Moore Venture Partners. “The firm’s long-standing success is a testament to Terry’s ability to pull a strong team and network together, as well as finding great investments for our partners.” 

Investing up to $15M 

Terry Moore, who started Moore Venture Partners in 2010, is one of the handful of venture capitalists in the region who has thrived during San Diego’s booming startup scene. 

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He has built up the firm in terms of staffing and advisors, and their previous investments include some of the region’s largest recent acquisitions — EcoATM, Daylight Solutions and Edico Genome. 

Other investments include San Diego-based CloudBeds, which builds hospitality software for property management companies; UCAP Power, which develops ultracapacitor-based power solutions; and Vessel Health, a wellness startup which developed an at-home health tracker. 

Since inception, MVP has made over 20 investments, with many headquartered in San Diego. 

“Over the years, I’ve seen San Diego go from a primarily military and defense, and tourism town to now this burgeoning powerhouse,” said Moore. “It’s really been fun to plant seeds and share what we’re doing here in San Diego. Now it really feels like it has a critical mass. I cannot be more thrilled.” 

Strong Companies 

Beauchamp said the firm’s portfolio has remained strong even during the coronavirus pandemic, with many of them finding success and growing substantially. 

“All of our portfolio companies are unique in their own right,” he said. “WhiteFox Defense is helping do incredible things for both national and municipal security. In addition, ChromaCode is also a great company who has stepped up and has supported those in need during Covid-19.” 

MVP reviews over 500 companies annually but invests in only about four or five promising startups each year. The firm is typically involved in the pre-seed up to Series A round, writing check sizes between $500,000 and $5 million. 

Supporting Investors and Entrepreneurs 

Moore is also the chairman and founder of The VC Roundtable, a private, invitation-only organization that has been running for over two decades. The group’s membership includes the general partners and limited partners of venture capital funds, corporate strategic VCs, and the leadership of angel organizations throughout California. 

The VC Roundtable benefits the membership through deal flow discussions, VC fund presentations, networking, and education on topics of interest at the meetings each month. 

The organization also hosts the annual “The VC Regatta,” which helps local companies gain exposure to venture capitalists. The eighth annual event will take place on Sept. 23, Moore expects 150 entrepreneurs and investors from across the country to attend the event this year. 

“Over the years, we’ve gone from seven sailboats to now 15. The power networking is like nowhere else,” said Moore. “This year we hope to have around 16 sailboats and host over 150 VCs and entrepreneurs.”  

Moore Venture Partners 

FOUNDED: 2010 

PARTNER: Terry Moore 

BUSINESS: Venture capital firm 


EMPLOYEES: Under ten 

WEBSITE: www.moorevp.com 

NOTABLE: MVP has six exits in its portfolio and has maintained a stellar reputation as one of San Diego’s best performing venture capital firms. 

CONTACT: terry@moorevp.com 


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