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60.9 F
San Diego
Saturday, May 18, 2024

Point Loma Ice Cream Shop Joins Moniker Group

RESTAURANTS:  Coffee to Be Added to the Menu

Moniker Group, headed by Ryan Sisson, has taken over The Craft Creamery in Point Loma, an ice cream shop that specializes in bringing in ice cream from independent creameries from throughout the U.S.

Ryan Sisson
Moniker Group

“It’s a great little ice cream shop. I like the neighborhood that it’s in. I take my daughter to it all the time,” said Sisson, who lives in Point Loma.

“It’s ‘come, get a great scoop,’ I love the simplicity of it,” said Sisson, whose favorite is cookies and cream “or anything close.”

“Ice cream is just one of those really cool elements that brings joy,” Sisson added. “I just feel like ice cream, it’s the fun side.”

The Craft Creamery was founded in 2021 by Alex Bock, an aerospace engineer whose business model for the ice cream shop was inspired by craft beer bars.

Sisson’s Moniker Group of businesses was founded in 2010 and includes more than a dozen brands specializing in everything from cocktail bars to custom furniture.

Moniker is expanding the offerings in the 1,700-square-foot ice cream shop at 1302 Rosecrans St. to include a full-service coffee bar which Sisson said is the first of what will be other Moniker coffee shops outside of the one that the company operates as part of its Moniker General Store in Liberty Station.

“Ice cream is a great complementary business model to coffee,” Sisson said. “This is really a symbiotic relationship between coffee and ice cream.”

The creamery has a small coffee stand, but “it has never been maximized, it has never been a core focus of the operations,” Sisson said. “We’re going to bring that back to life.”

The ice cream shop will remain open during the transition with a goal of having the expanded coffee shop within the creamery up and running by February.


Sisson said that he expects to spend about $50,000 on improvements to the Creamery, most of which will be to set up Moniker Coffee. He is keeping the creamery staff of 12 and expects to add about eight more people for the coffee operation.

The shop has indoor seating for about 16 and an additional 20 seats on an outdoor patio. Sisson said he will be adding more seating inside and outside.

Sisson said that he plans to continue rotating the lineup of ice cream from about 50 of the nation’s top creameries, including Molly Moon Ice Cream that was rated in 2022 by Food & Wine magazine as the best ice cream spot in the U.S., Peterson’s Ice Cream of Chicago which has been around since 1919, and Reed’s Dairy, a family-owned farm in Idaho.

Plans also call for adding a grab-and-go function that will offer hand-scooped pints of ice cream and a cafe menu that will include an Italian desert called affogatos which is typically made with espresso coffee and ice cream or gelato, milkshakes, and floats with pickup, curbside delivery, and online ordering.

“I think we’re going to have a lot of to-go stuff,” Sisson said.

Long term, Sisson said that the creamery may collaborate with other San Diego restaurants and serve as a distributor supporting independent creameries nationwide.

“This is a huge opportunity for us,” Sisson said.

Moniker Group

Founded: 2010
CEO: Ryan Sisson
Headquarters: Liberty Station
Business: Construction, design, retail, beverage, catering, events
Employees: 120
Social impact: Sisson serves on the Board of Advisors for 10-Ten Project, a national nonprofit. Previously he has served on the  boards for Downtown San Diego Partnership, San Diego Chamber of  Commerce Small Business Roundtable, San Diego  Creative Foundation, and Mosaic San Diego.
Notable: The company was founded as a way to support artists and creatives within San Diego.


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