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San Diego
Friday, May 24, 2024

Blythe Interiors Continues to Expand

INTERIOR DESIGN: Owner Says ‘Sky’s the Limit’

Founded in 2010 as a one-woman online operation by Jennifer Verruto, Blythe Interiors has shown itself to be a company that’s on the move.

The company has grown to have a staff of 16, moved into bigger quarters in Kearny Mesa, opened a satellite office in Spokane, Wash., and is looking to grow even more in 2023.

Jennifer Verruto
Founder and CEO
Blythe Interiors

“We’ve entertained the idea of having a North County Blythe Interiors or different spots up the West Coast,” Verruto said. “The sky’s the limit.”

Her secret has been “hiring really skilled people with a really strong background.”

“It has been a game changer for my business,” Verruto said. “It just keeps getting bigger with more people.”

Verruto has leased 3,500 square feet of what had been empty warehouse space at 9445 Farnham St. in the Futura Business Park and turned it into a one-stop shop for home remodeling with everything from flooring and countertops to cabinetry and furniture.

The Kearny Mesa warehouse was pretty much four bare walls when Blythe Interiors moved in and Verruto has used the space to give clients and idea for what a remodel can look like and display the company’s offerings.

“We got to design it from scratch,” Verruto said, adding that she spent $250,000 to $300,000 on the work. Kelchlin Construction based on Poway was the general contractor.

The former warehouse has been redone in a color scheme that is a mix of warm wood tones, sage green, black and white, baby blues, blush, and gold – colors that are very much in style, said Lynn Siemer, director of design and construction.

Lynn Siemer
Director of Design and Construction
Blythe Interiors

“People want homes that they can live in comfortably,” Siemer said, and that includes everything from the colors of the furniture and walls to small touches that reflect their personality.

“We had one client who needed the couch in the color of his dog’s fur because he wants the dog on the couch,” Siemer said. “It’s those little details, we want people to love where they live.”

Building a Community

Lest someone feel overwhelmed by a looming project, the company has designers on had to help people plan their remodeling project.

“We have countertops, we have tiles, we have the ability to put a look together and people can come in and play with us and figure out what really looks good,” Siemer said.

Verruto also plans to start what she’s calling a contractor trade program as a one-stop shop for building and remodeling companies.

“They have a lot of work to get everything sourced,” Verruto said. “We can work with them hand-in-hand or they can refer clients in and we can work with the clients to pick everything.”

She also plans to start what she calls a designer trade program to work with solo design entrepreneurs who are much like she was when she started Blythe Interiors.

“We’re trying to build a community,” Verruto said. “They can come in and select everything they need for clients instead of going all over town trying to source everything from a lot of different vendors.”

Continuing Trend

Verruto said that she got into design work almost by accident. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Western Washington University but got hooked on designing after taking design courses with a friend.

“I always have been creative and I always loved interiors. I just never knew it was a career path,” Verruto said. “I never wanted to be a small business owner. I kind of organically kind of fell into it.”

She worked from home for about seven years then opened a formal office in Mission Hills.

“First, it was just a little office. Just big enough for myself and an assistant and a designer,” Verruto said.

She attributes much of her company’s success to her staff.

“The smartest thing I’ve done in my business is hire people with broader skills than me,” Verruto said. “What I really loved doing was the pretty stuff. I loved the pillows and rugs and furniture.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic proved disastrous for some, Verruto said it actually helped her business.

“Through COVID, a lot of people were just sitting at home and they were tired of what they were looking at so they hit the remodeling in droves,” Verruto said. “We’re still seeing that trend, especially now with the housing market the way it is.”

Repeat clients and word of mouth are an important base for the company.

“You get to be with people for their whole lives,” Verruto said, from their first home, to a bigger home when they move on, and with their friends and relatives.

Blythe Interiors

Founded: 2010
Founder and CEO: Jennifer Verruto
Headquarters: Kearny Mesa
Business: interior design
Employees: 16
Contact:;  619-534-3359
Notable: Blythe Interiors has gone from a small online operation to having a full-fledged brick-and-mortar design studio and showroom


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