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Aptera Selects Maxeon to Supply Solar Cells

EVs: Production Now Expected to Ramp Up in 2023

Carlsbad-based solar electric vehicle (sEV) manufacturer Aptera has chosen Maxeon Solar Technologies as the cell supplier for its solar production program. The partnership was announced earlier this month (Oct. 4).

In July, Aptera selected China manufacturer EVE Energy as its lithium-ion battery pack supplier.

In another key recent update, Aptera said this week that production will ramp up sometime in 2023 rather than later this year as the company had originally announced.

And for those still looking to own a piece of the unique sEV startup, Aptera said its private investment offering has been reopened, with direct share purchases in Aptera Motors again available at $10.50 per share.

The company’s pre-sale order log continues to grow. Aptera says it’s now received more than 35,000 reservations for its inaugural series of vehicles, representing over $1 billion in total pre-order value.

‘Reinventing Transportation’

In the cross-company collaboration with Singapore-based Maxeon, Aptera’s solar engineers have created ultra-lightweight and curved solar panels that they believe will set the standard for efficiency.

“As Aptera is defying conventions of aerodynamics, the integration of these cells will enable the vehicle to achieve unprecedented solar range,” said a recent news release on the company’s website.

Chris Anthony

“We’re excited to award our solar cell supply business to Maxeon, an industry leader advancing the highest quality solar products,” said Aptera Co-CEO Chris Anthony.

“This strategic alliance between Maxeon and Aptera will take Aptera into the next phase of our growth, setting the pace for us to make our vision of solar mobility a reality for everyone,” Anthony said. “With Maxeon, we are reinventing transportation – bringing the most efficient solar vehicle to market.”

Aptera said it selected Maxeon solar cells because they are “highly efficient, durable and lightweight. With minimal energy loss, the Maxeon Gen 3 solar cells are crucial to Aptera’s solar mobility movement. Powered by these unique, high-efficiency cells, most drivers will likely never need to charge their Aptera.”

Maxeon’s solar cells are “designed to be different and have proven to be better across more than five cell generations with over 3.5 billion cells in use today in even the harshest of conditions,” Aptera said.

Mark Babcock, interim CEO and chief revenue officer at Maxeon Solar Technologies, said he’s pleased to have won Aptera’s business.

Mark Babcock
Interim CEO and Chief Revenue Officer
Maxeon Solar Technologies

“At Maxeon, we provide the highest quality and most efficient solar technology, and Aptera’s mission to pioneer solar mobility is the natural progression of this innovation,” Babcock said. “The vehicle will feature the same extraordinary cells as those found in our high-efficiency solar panels powering homes and businesses – a true testament to our innovation as a solar leader.”

Babcock was appointed interim CEO at Maxeon in September.

Tech Breakthroughs

Aptera Motors’ first production series of sEVs, made possible by breakthroughs in battery efficiency, aerodynamics, material science and manufacturing, are expected to retail from $25,900 and $46,000.

At full ramp up, the company plans to operate dozens of “micro” production facilities around the world to produce its vehicles more efficiently.

Aptera’s lightweight three-wheeler is the first in a series of eco-friendly vehicles the company plans to produce for consumer and commercial use. With only six key structural parts, and weighing just 1,800 pounds, Aptera’s unique body shape, the company says, allows it to “slip through the air using far less energy than other electric and hybrid vehicles on the road today.”

Aptera’s sEVs will be equipped with about 700 watts of integrated solar cells. In addition to its 1,000-mile lithium-ion battery range, the solar cells will allow the vehicles to go up to 40 miles per day just by absorbing the sun’s rays.

Aptera’s says its automotive-grade solar represents “a brand-new market sector and a way for EVs to end their reliance on the grid for charging.”


Aptera Motors

FOUNDED: 2019 (original co. founded in 2005)
Co-CEOs: Chris Anthony, Steve Fambro
PRE-ORDERS: 35,000+
WEBSITE: aptera.us
NOTABLE: Aptera’s aerodynamic design is so efficient that a Ford F150 has more wind drag on its side-view mirror than the Aptera’s entire body.


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