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Prop 32 Is Crucial to Cleaning Up State Politics

Corruption follows money. If you are shocked, discouraged and disgusted by the level of dishonesty, corruption and nastiness in government today, it’s because there is so much money at stake. The more money in government the more nastiness in elections, and, ultimately, the more corruption in the delivery of government services.

Proposition 32 is an attempt to limit the amount of money unions dump into elections, and further restrict corporations from the amount of money they can contribute to a campaign. That’s why you should vote for Proposition 32, and encourage your friends and employees to also vote for Proposition 32.

The reality in California is that our government is run by the unions, and unions dump most of the money into elections, not the average business. For cover, the unions work hard to make you and their members believe big business is always fighting to take away their jobs, and they point to the occasional rich businessman or businesswoman who spends heavily for an issue or a campaign. But the truth is that most business leaders do not get out and campaign, or donate to campaigns. Most business leaders consider government a necessary evil that must be endured. This year, the Business Journal believes business leaders need to do a little grass-roots campaigning: Proposition 32, 30 (see editorial below) and 38 are important enough for you to tell your family and employees why they should vote against Proposition 30 and 38 and vote FOR Proposition 32.

The irony, of course, is that unions are one of the biggest businesses in California. While they attempt to wrap themselves in their historic role, unions are merely forcing many employees to pay for union representation. For part-time employees, the cost of initiation fees and dues is outrageously expensive.

And, of course, there is no bigger special interest group than California unions.

With two weeks remaining before Election Day, the donations to the labor-backed campaign committee out to defeat Proposition 32 have reached more than $61 million.

Unions have made killing the measure their top priority, worried that if it becomes law that its ban on money from payroll deductions for political activities would handcuff their influence by choking off their sole source of funding. The top three contributors to the anti-32 campaign have given half the money raised so far: the California Teachers Association ($20.1 million), Service Employees International Union ($8.8 million) and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees ($3.8 million), according to the The Sacramento Bee.

Here are the other unions trying to mislead you on Proposition 32: American Federation of Teachers, California Nurses Association, United Brotherhood of Carpenters, Laborers International Union of North America, United Domestic Workers of America, Laborers’ Pacific Southwest Regional Organizing Coalition, and a dozen other union organizations. They have spent more than $60 million to maintain their firm grip on our government.

Proposition 32 also bans corporations from using payroll deductions to fund politics, but most business leaders are not involved in politics. It’s a ruse, and here is the evidence: The committee to support Proposition 32 has received $4.2 million in contributions from individual donors, and an additional $16 million has come from Charles Munger Jr. It got $11 million from an Arizona nonprofit, Americans for Responsible Leadership, which is an anti-union organization, according to the Bee.

That’s why you should support, and just as important, advocate for, the passage of Proposition 32. It limits the amount of money unions and businesses can spend to control government leaders. Yes on 32: prohibits corporations and unions from giving to candidates; prohibits the deduction of political money from worker paychecks, making all political contributions truly voluntary; prohibits contractors from giving to politicians who approve their contracts.

Despite the union attempts to distort reality, there are no true exemptions or loopholes for big business. Advocate for Proposition 32, vote for Proposition 32.


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