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Richest San Diegans Reap Rewards in 2022

WEALTHIEST: Many Have Pledged to Give Fortunes Away

As 2022 draws to a close and a new year approaches, the San Diego Business Journal takes its annual look at the community’s most prosperous residents.

Our annual list of Wealthiest San Diegans is a snapshot of prominent philanthropists, political donors and power brokers. We chose individuals with primary residences in San Diego County. While many on the list have multiple homes (or seemingly live on airplanes), having children in an area school or an extensive philanthropic interest in San Diego was enough to qualify them as a local.

Estimates of net worth are based on credible published wealth reports (such as those from Forbes and Bloomberg) as well as wealth intelligence sources, notably The Rich Register.

This year’s list includes people with an estimated net worth of $500 million or greater.

Credible sources sometimes contradict each other, and wealth is fluid. With the advent of internet technology, some sources are able to offer real-time estimates of wealth, including how many millions (or billions) are gained or lost in a single day.

Then there are other cases, ones where there is not enough information to make a credible estimation of net worth. Many of the wealthiest people in San Diego closely guard their financial information.

All of these factors show that a static list can’t be the last word on wealth. Our list is a snapshot. It is more of a sketch on a napkin than a finished painting.

If not the last word, it is at least a conversation starter.

Turn to page 13 to continue reading. There you will find a cross-section of the county’s key industries: technology, tourism, real estate and finance among them. You will also find inspiring success stories.

Also notable are those who have pledged to give the majority of their wealth to charity. Here you will find details of their latest efforts to make San Diego – and the world – a better place for all.

Read the special section here.


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