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Saluting San Diego’s Frontline Heroes

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The San Diego Business Journal, along with these companies, are committed to supporting our community. Together, we want to express our appreciation and gratitude to our frontline workers.

“I’m proud and thankful for our local heroes on the front line serving our community in a time of great need. We are cheering you on from home and looking forward to celebrating your incredible efforts in our community.”Bruce Breslau, Union Bank

“Voit Real Estate Services THANK all of you on the front lines who are risking your life to save ours! Saying Thank You just isn’t enough so we banded together and delivered over 250 lunches, alkaline water and gourmet donuts to Scripps and Sharp hospitals! #voitgivesback” Eric Northbrook, Voit Real Estate Services

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“We are grateful to our brave first responders & healthcare professionals who are on the front lines of this pandemic. Their commitment and courage inspire us all. We will not forget the many sacrifices you have made to help keep us safe. Thank you.” Guy Halgren, Sheppard Mullin

“All of us at SOCi would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the healthcare workers who are working tirelessly to help keep our local communities safe. As our company responds to COVID-19, we are committed to supporting our customers and partners when they need it most.” Eric Jenny, SOCi

“All of us at Sony Electronics express our sincerest thanks to all of the front line heroes who are keeping our San Diego citizens and communities safe. We stand with you in your efforts to help those impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic. #SonyCares” Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics

“To our essential workers helping those in need first and putting yourselves last – we are forever grateful for your devotion and courage to save lives while risking your own. We thank the San Diego communities for quickly observing the shelter-in-place for the adaptation of our new normal, all for the greater good.” Alessandra Lezama, TOOTRiS

“At UBS, we are sincerely appreciative of all first responders. The frontline essential workers who put their lives on the line every day – including firefighters, police, medical personnel, grocery workers, postal workers and others – are the ones keeping society going. We cannot thank them enough!” Chris Marsh, UBS

“It’s one thing to get up every morning and go to work to keep the economy going. It’s something altogether different to get up every morning and risk your own life to save another. We may be ‘your bank people’, you are our heroes. And for that, you will always have our sincerest appreciation and gratitude.” Jason Antrim, Umpqua Bank

“Thank you from everyone at LevitZacks for the sacrifices you make, every day and especially during this pandemic. Your dedication, commitment and courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration. Your service to patients is saving countless lives and making thousands of differences.” Victor Ramsauer, LevitZacks

“We send a huge thank you to the EMTs, first responders, nurses, doctors, and all essential workers. No words can express how much we appreciate your bravery and the selfless sacrifices that you’re making every day. You are the true heroes of San Diego.”Amir Moussavian, OurPact


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