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Launching World’s First Fully Customizable Multivitamin

BIOPHARMA: Sun Genomics Debuts Floré Multi-V

Sunny Jain knows that people can grow pretty tired of taking a litany of pills to supplement their diet and make sure their bodies’ nutritional needs are met. Furthermore, Jain said those taking supplements don’t always know if they’re taking the right dose, the proper quantity or even in some cases what the actual pill quality is.

Sunny Jain
Sun Genomics

So that challenge in part led Jain, CEO of Sun Genomics, the La Jolla-based firm that specializes in made-to-order probiotics based on an individual’s gut microflora, to create and launch the world’s first fully customizable multivitamin.

The build-to-order, single capsule Floré Multi-V has recently become available to healthcare practitioners through Sun Genomics’ clinical program, Floré Clinical.

While Floré’s original customized products that help reduce bloating, gas and constipation; relieve many digestive issues; increase food tolerance; help regulate bowel movements; balance energy levels and support immunity are available to the public, Floré Multi-V is strictly for health professionals working with patients.

Jain said it is “the best fit to be managed through practitioner and clinical guidance because they understand what’s going on with your gut biology beyond the microbiome and they can partner that with your overall clinical care.”

It’s become increasingly common, Jain said, that those in the functional medical community run tests with an output of recommendations of which micronutrients a patient is deficient in, and highlighting which vitamins and minerals should be added as supplements.

Working on the clinical side of Floré at floreclinical.com, doctors submit formulations using a custom list of vitamins, minerals and botanical ingredients based on those tests and assessments. By harnessing advanced technologies and leveraging data-driven insights, Sun Genomics partners with practitioners to provide patients with precise nutrients to optimize their health and well-being.

“One of the challenges these practitioners always have is now asking their patient to find those vitamins in every combination and dose,” Jain said. “And it almost becomes an impossible task to find the right combination. You end up buying a bunch more than you actually need or being off on the quantity you need, based on these actual test reports. Floré Multi-V greatly expands on our company’s mission to empower individuals with precision nutrition and gut health solutions.”

And Floré Multi-V also fights what Jain calls “capsule fatigue.”

“We’ve always wanted people to take (health) personalization and integrate into their lifestyle,” said Jain, who founded Sun Genomics in 2016. “But when you get a vitamin pill pack with four or eight pills per pack, this didn’t make sense to us. We’re always a single-capsule solution. Let’s make it easy. One a day.”

Jain said until the last few years, probiotics weren’t on most people’s radar, “so (Floré) was actually in addition to whatever they were already taking as a supplement.”

Martin Dos Ramos Farias
VP of Dietary Supplements, Health, Nutrition & Care

Sun Genomics collaborated with its partner, Switzerland-headquartered dsm-firmenich, to source ingredients for Floré Multi-V.

“Having one of the world’s largest portfolios of clinically studied vitamins, we are excited to work with Sun Genomics on its various practitioner-based offerings, including Floré Multi-V,” said Martin Dos Ramos Farias, VP at dsm-firmenich. “They remain a natural partner for us as we both take on a deep-science approach to precision nutrition.”

During the past year, Sun Genomics has grown from 19 employees to 23, and soon will have 26, Jain said. The company is on track to grow 65% this year and Jain is anticipating a 200% level of growth in the near future.

Sun Genomics

CEO: Sunny Jain
HEADQUARTERS: La Jolla Commons
BUSINESS: Precision Nutrition
WEBSITE: floreclinical.com; flore.com
CONTACT: customerservice@sungenomics.com 661-888-4799
SOCIAL IMPACT: Sun Genomics is working on a study on autism spectrum disorder with researchers at Arizona State University
NOTABLE: Sun Genomics continues to bring to market novel ingredients that can modulate the gut microbiome.


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