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Former Facebook Exec New CEO at Permission.io

Thomas Shin Looks to Continue Web3 Impact in San Diego

Permission.io, the leading provider of permission-based Web3 advertising, with its motto “ASK Permission,” has appointed long-time Facebook (Meta) executive Thomas Shin as its new CEO.
Shin, who lives in Silicon Valley and is originally from Orange County, plans to work remotely but will frequent the La Jolla-headquartered company as needed.
The move comes as Permission.io continues to grow its executive team, attracting top talent from Big Tech to globally scale web3 advertising.
Permission.io is a tokenized Web3 advertising platform where advertisers are able to offer consumers crypto rewards in exchange for their data and engagement. The platform was created “to put an end to the interruptive, exploitative advertising model that drives today’s web and to give individuals back ownership of their data,” company officials say.
Most current companies operating in Web1 or Web2 have data sovereignty and profit from consumers’ data, able to manipulate that data as they see fit.
“Web3 is a place where you have control and ownership over your own data… and I love that,” Shin said.
Permission.io created ASK, a tokenized reward that empowers consumers to opt-in, own and monetize their data while delivering engaged audiences to marketers. Advertisers reward consumers with ASK for interacting with brands and content.

Loyalty and Trust

Those mutual efforts help to build loyalty and trust, Shin said.
“I am ecstatic to join Permission.io during this pivotal growth phase,” he added. “Permission’s charter to enable individuals to earn and monetize their data while offering advertisers a way to transparently collect first party data is game-changing in today’s rapidly shifting advertising landscape. This generational shift to a Web3 economy will thematically disrupt Web2, and Permission is perfectly positioned at the nexus of this evolution.
“I am looking forward to building out Permission.io’s products, business functions, Web3 ad sales momentum, and operations as we strive to make ASK the most widely used reward in digital advertising.”
Shin brings nearly 30 years of experience in the digital advertising space to Permission.io
He has been in roles spanning leadership, product management, operations, and marketing disciplines at high tech companies that include Facebook (Meta), Yahoo!, and programmatic pioneers such as Efficient Frontier (which was acquired by Adobe) and MediaMath as well as Ask Jeeves, an early online search engine.
Shin also had his own company, working as a consultant to startups.
Most recently, Shin served as head of Americas Business at Moloco, a startup in the mobile programmatic space that achieved unicorn status during his tenure.
“At a time of rapid growth, we are excited to bring on a new leader who will catapult Permission and our clients into a new era of digital advertising,” said Permission.io Founder Charlie Silver.

Founder and former CEO Silver Will be Exec Chair

Silver, co-founder of San Diego-based Blockforce Capital, will transition to the role of executive chairman at Permission.io, and will continue to cultivate strategic financial partnerships that support the development of the Permission.io network.

Charlie Silver

“(Shin’s) proven industry expertise paired with his track record for market innovation and growth at leading global companies is inspiring and makes him the ideal candidate to lead and globally scale Web3 advertising,” Silver said.
Shin’s progression as a leader is marked with game-changing impact from Web1 to Web2 and now Web3.
As an employee of both Facebook and Yahoo! in their earliest incarnations, Shin developed and managed multi-billion-dollar businesses during hyper-growth periods.
At Facebook, he drove mobile advertisement development before the existence of mobile ads by challenging norms and conventions, Permission.io officials say.

CEO: Thomas Shin
BUSINESS: Web3 advertising
WEBSITE: permission.io
CONTACT: Support@permission.io
SOCIAL IMPACT: Permission.io’s value statement notes: “We are honest and honorable in the way we conduct business with every individual or organization.”
NOTABLE: CEO Shin plays competitive tennis at the 4.0 level for the United States Tennis Association and was named a “Player of the Year” in 2013.


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