Women in Finance 2020

Elizabeth Redican

  Branch Manager - State Compensation Insurance Fund San Diego

Liz Redican is the Manager of the San Diego Branch of the State Compensation Insurance Fund, the largest provider of Workers’ Compensation in California. With approximately 110,000 policyholders, Californians rely on the security and certainty offered by State Fund, particularly the small businesses and new ventures that are key to California’s economy.

Liz works directly with insurance brokers representing local employers to meet their Workers’ Compensation needs. Her primary role is to grow business, build relationships, resolve customer issues, and showcase State Fund. Liz is a San Diego County native. She opened the San Diego office in 2019, establishing a local presence for brokers and employers to have more direct access to State Fund products and workplace safety services.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, State Fund is offering a total of $100 million in grants to its policyholders for essential businesses and for those purchasing safety-related equipment to help businesses that are reopening. Many local businesses have been able to secure a portion of these grants. Liz was very successful in her prior role as Assistant Regional Vice President in the Central Valley, leading her team to over 50% new business growth. Liz has accomplished much in the first year of opening the branch office, exceeding her annual goals by July!

“Since returning here to my hometown, it is really rewarding to walk by a local restaurant or shop and know that we insure that business and offered them relief funds to help them through this crisis.”