Women in Finance 2020

Erin Polek

  Sr. Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer - Qualcomm

Acceptable accounting within any organization typically comes in three flavors: good, better and best. Erin Polek is defining “best” in her discipline: she manages the day-to-day accounting operations of a $25 billion company, is introducing new systems and standards, and is pioneering the use of robotics process automation in accounting. Erin has also devoted time to increasing retention of women in Qualcomm’s workforce through the Women’s Leadership Council.

Erin recently helped Qualcomm adopt new accounting guidance, which required implementing a new system and processes and testing the environment for six months prior to a seamless launch day.

Erin led the efforts to optimize the accounting shared services center in India, including implementation of key metrics to monitor completeness, accuracy and timeliness.

Erin’s department supports the strategic objectives of Qualcomm and is tasked with creating efficiencies in what is already a well-run organization. Erin has turned to technology, specifically robotics process automation (RPA), to drive forward in these areas. Working in collaboration with Qualcomm’s IT department, the accounting department was the first in the Company to use RPA, empowering robotics to take on administrative work in her department while her staff are freed up to contribute analytical thinking and insights to business unit leads.

Erin graduated from SDSU and began work at PwC in 1997. In 2006, she joined Qualcomm as an accounting staff and earned the vice president title in 2015. In 2017, she was appointed as Interim Co-Controller, and in 2018, she became Chief Accounting Officer.