Women in Finance 2020

Jessica Hill-Johnson

  Senior Director of Finance - Qualcomm

Jessica Hill-Johnson has a passion for driving change and motivating others. Her influence has evolved and continues to grow across service and operations: from being an undergraduate Academic Advisor in college, a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, past President of Toastmasters, and leader for a Global Shared Services organization helping individuals and organizations achieve the impossible.

Professionally, Jessica’s passion for change has been primarily focused in Finance. As a Senior Director of Finance at Qualcomm, Jessica is a key leader in Global Finance Transformations, optimizing Global Shared Services organizations, and implementing new technology.

Jessica introduced Robotics Processing Automation to the company and conducted a pilot before it was introduced to the larger community. With her leadership, this technology has been brought to other Accounting systems; additionally, her influence has resulted in Accounting being the first department in Qualcomm to have processes subject to RPA. Most recently, Jessica has also been a core leader on the Workday initiative at Qualcomm and her impact has been noted as integral to adopting new ideas.

Jessica is actively engaged in Qualcomm’s employee networks: supporting Qwomen as a Board Member and mentor. She is also a Board Member of Qualcomm’s African and African American Diversity Group, QAAAD, co-leading Internal Programs.

Jessica has traveled and worked in many places around the world: from enjoying the beautiful beaches of Thailand and drinking Guinness with the locals in Ireland. Jessica considers learning about different people and cultures as a critical ingredient to driving lasting change.