Women in Finance 2020

Cindy Gatlin

  Founder & Managing Principal - Bridge North Advisors

As founder of BridgeNorth Advisors, I take the time to work with you to ensure your opinions are heard and your decisions implemented into your financial plan. I provide a holistic approach to your entire balance-sheet versus the traditional wealth management approach which focuses solely on the liquidity of your portfolio. As a highly respected portfolio manager in the investment world, I developed an expertise in the reduction of volatility in portfolios. This unique expertise allows me to reduce my client’s anxieties.

BridgeNorth Advisor’s vision is to alleviate the pressures that are typically associated with financial decisions. That’s why we’ve chosen the best partners in the financial industry to bring you elite insights, thereby reducing your stress and increasing confidence in your portfolio.

My clients benefit from my thirty years of experience. I am a frequent speaker at conferences regarding portfolio creation and selection. I am an award winning wealth manager including - Forbes Best in State Wealth Advisor, SDBJ Business Women of the Year and Dallas Magazine Top Wealth Manager.

We are independent fee only advisors and will determine the strategy that works best for you, our client.

My commitment to you:

• Simplify the complex

• I am here to serve, not sell

• I will customize our approach to your goals

• Deliver skilled execution across a breadth of services

• Communicate often, as I know life happens

Cindy Gatlin can be reached at www.bridgenorthadvisors.com