Women in Finance 2020

Gina Ellen

  Financial Advisor - JET Wealth Advisors

Gina Ellen is one of the youngest financial advisors in San Diego, relative to her level of experience, whose primary mission is empowering women to take control of their financial health. Gina educates all her clients in the importance of financial literacy, but she makes it a point to focus on a group that often gets overlooked, and that’s women.

Boston College’s Wealth and Philanthropy Center estimates that two-thirds of the nation’s wealth will be in the control of women by 2030 and still, in the case of heterosexual relationships, Gina finds that many advisors still tend to direct conversations to the male. She feels that needs to change. As such, she is quite involved with organizations with similar missions, including Lean In San Diego, 2020 Women On Boards, and 321 Empower.

Gina advises small and mid-size company owners on tax-efficient retirement planning in the design, implementation and ongoing investment management of 401(k)s, defined benefit and cash balance plans that seek to optimize key person recruitment and retention, business succession-planning, and tax mitigation.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gina and her team at JET Wealth Advisors are providing complimentary plan health analyses for employers that currently have a retirement plan in place as well as complimentary consultations for employers who are racing to create a plan by the first CalSavers deadline of September 30th.

CalSavers is California’s new savings program available to California workers whose employers don’t offer a workplace retirement plan. Employers with 100+ employees (including part-time and seasonal) need to decide whether to participate in CalSavers or create their own plan by September 30th. Gina is happy to consult on all retirement plan options.

Gina Ellen can be reached at 858.457.1028 or gina.ellen@jetwealthadvisors.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/gina-ellen/