Women in Finance 2020

Christina Gustin & Sally Bixler

  Bixler-Gustin Financial - UBS

The Bixler-Gustin Financial Group is an investment team of two experienced female Wealth Advisors in the Downtown San Diego office of UBS Financial Services, Inc. Sally Bixler and Christina Gustin, of RKG Wealth Management, formed their partnership to answer the call from women investors wanting to work with women advisors.

Current research indicates that women invest and think about investing differently than male counterparts; they are value-focused and like to take a planning-based approach to their decisions – precisely how Sally and Christina work. Sally and Christina assist clients to articulate their financial goals through honest dialogue that results in the presentation of a formal financial plan, providing a clear path towards meeting those goals. Taking the time to educate their clients about how the assets and allocations are used is essential to their process. They want each client to be engaged in the investing process, understanding and embracing their portfolio strategies and plans.

In 2017, Sally and Christina initiated a series of educational events for and about women: “What Women Need to Know.” Although interrupted by COVID-19, this program focuses on timely topics for women who may be facing issues like caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s, aging parents, or the need for a will or trust, among others. They also discuss attributes of female leadership and meaningful community engagement with presenters who are all prominent professionals within the community. Women like to share experiences and knowledge. Sally and Christina empower women in an open environment with some social time and opportunities to learn, ask questions, and engage with other women who share similar concerns.

To contact Sally, call 619-557-4778 or email sally.bixler@ubs.com. To contact Christina, call 619-557-4790 or email christina.gustin@ubs.com.