Women in Finance 2020

Emily Barlage

  Vice President of Finance - Pardee Homes

Pardee Homes is proud to recognize our very own Vice President of Finance, Emily Barlage, as one of San Diego’s most distinguished Women in Finance. Since joining Pardee Homes in 2019, Barlage has successfully helped the company generate a 10% increase in both revenue and in profit through aggressive strategy and improving operational efficiencies.

As Vice President of Finance, she responsibly manages more than $400 million in revenue, while helping guide the company’s annual business planning, asset maximization and inventory management with a high level of transparency and accuracy. Barlage has proven to be an expert in forecasting, budget creation, cost reduction, process efficiency, profit improvement, financial reporting, and GAAP compliance all of which has contributed to Pardee Homes’ growth.

Barlage brings more than ten years of experience in finance and accounting to Pardee Homes with a proven track record for helping companies cut costs and improve margins. She has consistently demonstrated her leadership by carrying herself with a “say yes” mentality that inspires each member of the Pardee team to challenge themselves and reach new heights in their careers.

Barlage is a graduate of Clemson University in South Carolina, where she studied Financial Management, with an emphasis on Corporate Finance and was a successful pole vaulter which influenced and fueled her admirable competitive spirit and work ethic in business.