CEO of the Year 2020

Jan Tharp - The Bumble Bee Seafood Company

  Winner: Large Private Company

Jan’s passion, commitment and loyalty toward The Bumble Bee Seafood Company is immeasurable. In a changing world, Jan remains laser-focused on advocating for people, the planet, and health and wellness. In the first 18 months of her tenure, she successfully steered the organization through legacy-based challenges, including class action lawsuits, criminal indictments, bankruptcy and a subsequent company sale. The most impressive aspect of these achievements is that in the midst of this period, she was able to develop a transformational corporate strategy with a focus on growth and innovation. She re- established Bumble Bee’s north star foundation of purpose and vision and redefined the company’s values and guidelines. Jan is credited with putting the 120-year-old iconic brand into position to make bold moves going forward, creating a new generation of seafood lovers. Bumble Bee is starting to see its business change in bold and innovative ways as a result of Jan’s leadership. Most recently leading Bumble Bee’s joint venture with Gathered Foods Corporation, makers of Good Catch plant based seafood products. The partnership makes Bumble Bee the first and only major seafood company to partner with a plant-based seafood brand honoring the company’s long-term commitment to ocean health and sustainability.