Women in Finance 2020

Tania Hurt

   VP, Finance – Sony

Tania Hurt is a dedicated working mother, highly respected thought-leader, and passionate community advocate. She graduated from the University of Mississippi, working her way through college and graduating with a BS in Accounting. Tania is the VP of Finance for Sony North America, a female role model as part of the Executive Leadership Team. It’s a point of great pride for Tania that her team is 75% female, with 33% of women in leadership roles. Throughout her career, Tania has led strategic initiatives to positively impact the people she works with and sought opportunities to champion them. She has built a reputation as a solid performer and a center of excellence for leadership with colleagues all over the world.

Demonstrating her dedication to leadership and mentorship, Tania’s advocacy includes 3 years as Executive Sponsor to Sony’s Women of Action, Vision and Empowerment group, which fosters advancement and diversity in the workplace and community in the US and Canada. This sponsorship allows Tania to find and create opportunities for her younger colleagues. Outside of the office, Tania has served with Rolling Reader, volunteering over 300 hours of her time to read to 400 Poway School District students over the last 16 years.

Tania received the prestigious “Tribute to Women and Industry” award, which honors exceptional leaders making significant contributions to industry, and was nominated for the 2020 Athena Pinnacle Award, both of which add her name to a distinguished list of leaders doing what they can to close the gender gap.