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Whiskey Hits Market With Right Hooks

BEVERAGE: Endorsers, Herbs And Name Target Millennials

Over the past decade, San Diego has become known far and wide for its craft beer industry.

Commercial Properties Embrace Solar, Other Efficiencies

ENERGY: Rate Increases, Innovations Boost Green Solutions

Green energy is surging on the commercial side in San Diego.

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Meet Gina Champion-Cain, ‘Serial Entrepreneur’

REINVENTION: Former Developer Branches Out

A lot of downtown San Diego real estate developers disappeared in the depths of the Great Recession.

Law Firms Opt for Renewals as Landlords Gain Leverage

TROPHY SPACE: Lack of New Inventory, Pressure on Costs Deter Movement

Need proof that commercial real estate has recovered from the worst of the Great Recession?

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Changing Courses

MBA Schools Offer Specialty Degrees To Meet Evolving Business Demands

The MBA, first introduced in 1908, remains the go-to degree for successfully advancing through the ranks into the corporate suite.

Region Still Making It in Manufacturing

Manufacturing accounts for 10 percent of the region’s overall economy, according to the results of a recent survey issued by National University System Institute for Policy Research.

County’s Roads Are Rough on Cars, Wallets

TRIP, a national transportation research group in Washington, D.C., releases a report about California’s horrible road conditions, and San Diego is among the counties included in the survey.

Rankings Paint a Picture Of San Diego

San Diego is in the spotlight, making a lot of interesting lists these days … Consumer rating website ranks our region No. 25 based on the ratio of primary care doctors to the population. Greenville, S.C., tops that list with a doc for every 377 residents.

Bill Aims to Keep Fishiness Out Of Fish Business

Senate Bill 1138, targeting the deliberate mislabeling of seafood, is one recent piece of lawmaking that could impact the local fishing industry, not to mention anyone involved in the food delivery chain.

Successful IPO Adds to Avalon’s Win Column

There’s a plethora of interesting news flowing out of San Diego’s very active entrepreneurial community in recent weeks ... First up, La Jolla venture capital firm Avalon Ventures was one of the big winners when portfolio company Otonomy Inc., a late-stage life science company developing sustained-exposure treatments for ear diseases, raised $100 million in an IPO offering on Wall Street Aug. 12.

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