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Legal Community Learns Lessons of Lean Operations

If you aren’t convinced of the notion that businesses need to be agile and move quickly to adapt to a more segmented and specialized world, look no further than the fate of the iconic law firm Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps.

Distribution Proves Key to Delivering Successful Growth

Suja Life’s new partnership with the Coca-Cola Co. is intriguing on many fronts (See Page 8).

Director Awards Again Shows Quality Of Health Sector

The Corporate Directors Forum continues its healthy trend with the upcoming 2015 Director of the Year awards.

Coworking Spaces Get the Creative Juices Flowing

This issue contains several stories about workplaces of the future, including how smaller companies have increasing access to contemporary office settings. In fact, individuals can be part of the trend, too.

Qualcomm Choices Speak Volumes About Priorities

Qualcomm Choices Speak Volumes About Priorities

An observation from Qualcomm Inc.’s second-quarter earnings report (though almost no one focused on their actual reported net earnings, which were $1.2 billion): Qualcomm is going to spend about $10 billion buying back stock in the next year.

‘Next MacGyver’s’ Engineering Feat Is to Inspire

Beth Keser of San Diego is one of 12 finalists in “The Next MacGyver” competition in Beverly Hills. The contest was created to introduce a new iconic TV series starring a female engineer and developed in conjunction with MacGyver creator Lee Zlotoff and The MacGyver Foundation.

Receptos Sale Is a Familiar Story for S.D.

The tally is now 20. That’s how many of the largest companies in San Diego County in the past 11 years have been sold, relocated, went private or liquidated. Now another prominent, young biotech bids adieu.

‘Confidential’ Stadium Dealings: Read All About It

If you think Mayor Kevin Faulconer has a challenging task to get a deal done to build a multi-use stadium in San Diego, check out what Rancho Santa Fe’s Floyd Kephart faces in trying to get a stadium built for the Raiders in Oakland.

If Chargers Cool On S.D., There’s Always Hockey

Who in San Diego benefits if the Chargers bolt for Los Angeles?

She Breaks First Law of Thermodynamics

Physics Girl is going to be in the spotlight at the U.S. News & World Report STEM Solutions National Leadership Conference at the San Diego Convention Center on June 29-July 1.

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