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Qualcomm CEO Will Need Successes, Especially With NXP

Qualcomm Inc.’s recent shareholder vote tally does raise questions and flags, and that means there could be a change at the helm of the company — or not — depending on whom you ask.

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Deal is Key Driver For Revenue, IOT

Twice in two weeks, with Broadcom Ltd. closing in on a hostile takeover, Qualcomm Inc. issued an urgent message to its shareholders: Don’t forget about NXP Semiconductors NV.

U.S.-China Trade Dispute Comes at Bad Time For Qualcomm

Qualcomm Inc. looked almost like an arm of the government last month when President Donald Trump cited national security risk as his reason for halting the San Diego semiconductor company’s attempted takeover by Singapore-based Broadcom Corp.

Qualcomm Navigating Hazards of China Business

TECH: Politics, IP Disputes, Acquisition Muddle Dealings

Qualcomm Inc.’s footing in its most important market has gotten a little shakier lately as the Trump administration’s confrontation with China over intellectual property rights and national security threatens to disrupt two sets of negotiations vital to the company.

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Intel’s Past Missteps May Be Motivating Its 5G Efforts

TECH: Company’s Past Actions Ceded 4G to Qualcomm

Don’t be surprised Intel is ramping up its wireless competition with Qualcomm. The shocker is why the two haven’t been at each other’s necks for years.

Qualcomm’s Next Chapter - TECH: Intel Ready to Take On Qualcomm For 5G Dominance

TECH: Intel Ready to Take On Qualcomm For 5G Dominance

Intel Corp. is coming after Qualcomm Inc. — years after, you might say — in the battle for mobile technology dominance.

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CFO Awards Small Public Company: Mission Drives Actions for Long-Term Success

BIOTECH: Hougen Finds Inspiration For Pursuit of Drug Development

The generally small rate of pharmaceuticals that ultimately make it to market means it can be pretty dismal working for a drug discovery and development company.

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CFO Awards CFO OF THE YEAR: Exec Helps Credit Union Map Road to Future Success

FINANCE: Micale Manages Growth, Leads Strategic Plan

What a year 2017 was for Ashlee Micale, CFO and executive vice president at San Diego County Credit Union.

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CFO Awards Large Public Company : Executive Keeps ViaSat on Solid Financial Ground

SATELLITES: Duffy Navigates International Markets, New Segments

Probably every CFO gets something of a kick out of balancing profitability with industry-changing investments. But ViaSat Inc.’s Shawn Duffy gets a little more pumped up than most.

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Qualcomm’s $100 Question

Co. Faces Many Challenges to Boost Languishing Stock Price, Fulfill Pledge to Stockholders

The San Diego chipmaking giant is preparing to face shareholders at its previously postponed annual shareholders meeting, scheduled for March 23.

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