Slater’s Brand Deal May Bring Home the Bacon

FOOD: Jensen Meat to Make The Burger Patties for Retail

Slater’s 50/50 restaurants have had no problem pulling in customers to try the meat-centric chain’s signature half-ground beef, half-bacon burgers.

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Density Is a Big Divider For SDSU, SoccerCity

PROPERTY: Ballot Measure Hurts Chance for Compromise

San Diego State University finally stepped from the sidelines and entered the field of play late last month with its bid to be the master developer of the Mission Valley site of Qualcomm Stadium.

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Women Founders: How To Get Men to Relate

FINANCE: Dearth of VC Due in Part to Lack of Understanding Products

There’s a clear and well-documented gender gap when it comes to scoring startup capital from investors. Women entrepreneurs receive less cash (less often) than men.

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EvoNexus’ Downtown Exit May Hurt and Help

STARTUPS: Incubator’s Benefit Is Hit to Tech Hub

EvoNexus, the oldest and most well-known startup incubator in San Diego, is closing its downtown location and consolidating into a new facility in University Town Center.

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A Side Effect of Brexit May Be Damage to Pharma Research

PHARMA: UK’s Exit From EU Brings Huge Regulatory Questions

San Diego drugmakers are facing fallout from divisive politics across the pond, as local biotechs work to understand how Brexit will affect their research (and their bottom line).

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Ra Medical Aims to Be a Leading Light in Clearing Arteries

BIOTECH: Co. Says Competition’s System Is Slow, Expensive

A medical device company in Carlsbad is preparing to make its debut on the public markets following a product launch that could boost its revenues ninefold. The company, Ra Medical Systems Inc., just launched a new laser catheter device that could compete with a product of Spectranetics Corp., a company that just got acquired by Philips for $2.2 billion.

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Medical Transportation Taps Ride-Sharing Tech

HEALTH: Predictive Software Delivers for Routine Transport

Sometimes there’s a specialized industry so ripe for advancement that all an innovator has to do is adapt technology that has already proved itself in the wider market.

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Acquisition Whets Food Co.’s Appetite for Growth

FOOD: More Specialty Items, Wider Distribution Planned

San Diego’s Chosen Foods, best known for its avocado-based cooking oils, is now a division of the company that makes its products, Sesajal S.A. de C.V., the Mexico-based harvester and processor of specialty oils, nuts, seeds and ingredients used in Mediterranean cuisine.

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Renovate Makes Its Own Improvements

FINANCE: Changes Bring More Informed Borrowers

Five years ago, Renovate America became a provider of financing for solar and other energy-efficient residential upgrades.

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Consortium Carefully Crafts A Fine-Dining Experience

With a Tip of the Toque to the Past And a $6.5M Renovation, Steakhouse Prepares to Offer More Than Just a Meal

For the past decade, operators of Consortium Holdings have created an eclectic array of San Diego-centric restaurant and bar concepts, several of which could be stops on an evening tour of the city’s burgeoning “foodie” culture that it helped spawn.

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Shoe Co.’s New Line Takes Untraditional Path

APPAREL: DSW Distribution Cuts Out Some Retail Costs

Kevin Gordon brings a fascination for history to work with him.

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Perfect Bar Finds Missing Ingredient

Private Equity Gives Co. More Cash, Cache And Production Output

Perfect Bar’s big break came when a Whole Foods Market manager in the San Francisco Bay Area gave the fledgling company’s product a 30-day trial. That got its organic snack bars onto supermarket shelves.

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ASML Gives a Green Light to Cymer’s R&D, Expansion

TECH: Cymer Gets Factory Upgrades, More Staff, Space

ASML Holding NV is laying out more resources on its San Diego operation, four years after buying Rancho Bernardo-based Cymer Inc. for $3.7 billion.

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Grocery Gambit Won’t Disrupt S.D. Scene, Yet

RETAIL: Whole Foods Buy Adds To Amazon’s Distribution Prowess

Amazon Inc. is steadily growing its footprint in San Diego County, but it could take a while for the e-commerce giant to turn its recent acquisition of Whole Foods Market into a significant contributor to its fresh-food deliveries in the region’s highly competitive local grocery climate.

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Diagnostics Co. Must Wait for the Results

BIOTECH: Purchase of Assets Hinges on Actions of Others

One of San Diego’s bigger (yet little-known) public companies, Quidel Corp., just inked a deal that could double its annual revenue. But the deal’s closure is dependent on outside forces that may or may not go Quidel’s way.

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New Drug, New Attitude, New Day at Pharma Co.

Arena Pharmaceuticals Begins to Bounce Back from Belviq Failure

Its diet pill was a commercial flop that almost sent Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. to the grave. But now, following a major makeover, the company’s new experimental medicines could bring renewed life to the San Diego biotech.

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San Diego's Wealthiest

The Wealthiest San Diegans list includes individuals with a primary residence in San Diego County. Estimates of net worth are based on information gathered from shareholder disclosures and stakeholder filings, credible published wealth reports such as Forbes and Bloomberg, wealth intelligence sources, and trusted sources. A few individuals cooperated with us to provide guidance for our estimates; most declined or did not respond.

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New Wealth Brings A Reinvest Culture

ECONOMY: ‘Returns’ Also Expected on Philanthropy

When considering the wealthiest people in San Diego, a few names easily come to mind: T. Denny Sanford, Irwin Jacobs, Malin Burnham, Ernest Rady. After all, their names are affixed to lecture halls, civic buildings and research institutes across the Torrey Pines Mesa.

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Reputation Redesign Needed for San Diego

WORKFORCE: Tech Talent Sees Dinosaur Not Dynamism

When it comes to the tech sector, San Diego has a branding problem.

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Brewer Puts ESOP to Work for Co., Culture

BREWING: Modern Times Puts 30% of Shares Into Stock Plan

It’s been used sporadically in the U.S. beer industry to keep craft brewers independent: grant ownership shares to workers via an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

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What Business Can Do

Stakeholders Call on Peers to Be Part of Homeless Solution

Homelessness sits heavy on San Diego’s doorstep, a seemingly intractable problem that can’t be shoehorned into a one-size-fits-all box.

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Employee-Focused Work Space Now a Table Stake, Not a Differentiator

Game rooms, funky art installations and even micro-brewery bars are popping up faster than ever in offices around San Diego County. The reason?

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FDA Approval Puts Illumina in Clinic

MEDTECH: Diagnostic OK Called ‘Watershed Moment’

Illumina Inc., the quiet giant making instruments for the world’s scientists, just got the OK from federal regulators to bring its technology out of the laboratory and into the clinic.

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Coding Boot Camps Tapped for Talent

TECH: Big Cos. Offering Programs to Diversify Staff

Corporate giants in San Diego are starting to hire software engineers without computer science degrees, testing out talent from the newly popular coding schools and boot camps in California.

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Formula Plotted Course That Led to Havas

PR: Acquisition Opened Door to Competing With Biggest Players

Michael Olguin spent more than 20 years building Formula, the public relations firm he founded in 1992 in downtown San Diego and grew to become a bicoastal enterprise.

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CEO Finds Right Person For Job Is Not Herself

Forced by federal regulators to hang on to a hardware business they had committed to selling, board members of Inseego Corp. made a 180-degree turn. They took the business, called MiFi, off the market and dug back into it with a renewed vigor.

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SoCal Alliance Seeks Entrepreneurial Clout

ECONOMY: Priority Is to Get Top Tier VCs Into the Region

Iconic entrepreneurial ecosystems have sprouted up in the main regions of Southern California. San Diego is known for biotech. Orange County has a reputation for medtech and life sciences. And Los Angeles has spawned social media, entertainment and e-sports startups.

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Consolidation Changes Competition for Car Sales

Public Cos. Have More of A Presence in the Sector

After 71 years as a family business, Fuller Motors of Chula Vista is now owned by a public company — continuing a trend that is steadily making family-owned auto dealerships a minority in the marketplace.

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Failing to Grasp Loan Terms Can Be Costly to Companies

FINANCE: Online Lenders Offer Fast Cash at a Price

For the husband-and-wife team behind Kindred Bravely, an Oceanside-based e-commerce retailer of maternity clothing, it was their business success — not their struggles — that prompted them to turn to a well-known online lender.

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Proposed Bank Already Has Solid Community Ties

Home-Grown Leadership Looking to Share And Support S.D.’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Acraft beer entrepreneur, a real estate investor and a philanthropist walk into … a bank?

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