2017 Newsmakers: High-End Properties Rise in Downtown

Downtown San Diego’s housing market headed for the stratosphere in 2017 with construction of Pacific Gate — dubbed by its developers as the city’s first “super prime” condo complex.

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S.D. Secures a Good Share Of Military Spending

From Contractors to Personnel, Region Reaps $50.1 Million in Impact From Defense Role

Every year, San Diego County brings in more U.S. Defense Department contracts than many states of the union. In 2017, San Diego’s $8.23 billion in defense wins were more than what the states of Washington and New York received individually.

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Region’s UAV Expertise Helps to Transform Military

DEFENSE: Role Has Been Expanding, More Civilian Use AlsoExpected

It was one more example of how the U.S. military is using unmanned aircraft to stretch its abilities.

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Asset Management Co. Gives Lessons in Team Building

Firm Taps Technology, Research and Vision To Serve Growing and Changing Clientele

Michael Johnson first became a manager at a relatively young age, inheriting oversight of his first team, at Moody’s Investors Service, when he was about 30, then other teams, and later another at Merrill Lynch & Co., in New York.

‘Genomics Evangelist’ Envisions Group Effort

Dawn Barry is a self-described genomics evangelist. But she’s not preaching to the choir.

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A New Day at the Office

Design and Construction Moves to Meet Millennials By Providing Open Space, Amenities And Office Options Rather Than a Set Space

Millennials, those younger workers between the ages of 18 and 34 who are seeking a different kind of workspace, are having a profound effect on the way offices are designed and built in San Diego County and elsewhere. And since millennials constitute a large percentage of the San Diego population, designers and builders are stepping up to accommodate their preferences.

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Alexan ALX Leads Way of Downtown Apartment Boom

PROPERTY: Alexan Targets Millennials; More Projects on the Way

Downtown San Diego is about to get the first in a series of new apartment towers — Alexan ALX — after a year of little activity

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Sempra Betting on Its Power of Persuasion

ENERGY: Acquisition of Texas Utility Likely to Depend On Convincing State’s PUC

It wasn’t the sort of regulatory memo the head of a large public company looks forward to discussing on an earnings call. But the timing left Sempra Energy CEO Debra Reed little choice.

Independent Toy Stores Play to Their Strengths

RETAIL: They Focus On Customer Service, Create Community Feel

Say you were thinking of buying a new-to-market toy like the Zipes Speed Pipes Performance Pack, a hot item among the under-13 crowd. (The holidays are around the corner, after all.) Sure, this network of pipes that a toy car zips around at breakneck pace looks fun in YouTube videos.

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Hospitals See Harm in Insurer’s Imaging Policy Change

MEDICINE: Use of Centers Expected to Cut Costs

Anthem will no longer pay for outpatient MRIs and CT scans at hospitals, a decision that at least two San Diego hospital systems fear could chip away at care — and their bottom lines.

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Broadcom Aims Low With Qualcomm Offer

TECH: Its 5G Efforts, Other Tech Could Put Share Price Near $100

Is Qualcomm Inc. worth $70 per share? That simple question may be the beginning of a long negotiation process. Or it could be the key that determines whether Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) survives in its current form as a San Diego-based corporation.

Renovation Revs Up In Downtown

PROPERTY: Office Space Demand Seen Into 2019

Downtown San Diego is seeing the biggest surge of building renovations in years, driven in part by a shortage of new office space and a demand for more open work spaces and amenities.

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Origin Code Academy Moves Most of Its Curriculum Online

TECH: Access Cited In Move as Sector Looks for Right Model

Origin Code Academy, a local participant in the popular yet tumultuous industry of coding boot camps, is moving its curriculum online.

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Putting MBAs on Fast Track

Schools Consider Offering Accelerated Programs As Time and Career Concerns Weigh on Students

Nikhil Varaiya knows how to deal with students who complain it takes them too long to complete the Master of Business Administration program where he works at San Diego State University. “I’ve asked them, ‘Are you willing to go three semesters at 12 to 15 units a semester? That’s when they start to have some sort of hesitation,” said Varaiya, a finance professor at SDSU and director of its graduate business programs.

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Synergy, Right Symbolism Required for Proper Naming of Schools

EDUCATION: Institutions Often Have Guidelines For Transformational Event

Despite its youthful 27 years, California State University San Marcos can boast philanthropist names on five of its facilities, including the library, the field house and the home of the business school.

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Industrial Demand Drives Up-to-Date Digs

PROPERTY: North County Sites Go Fast in Tight Market

Go north is the solution for a growing number of companies looking for industrial space to expand in San Diego County.

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Trials Combined for Cancer Therapy

HEALTH: Move Expected to Greatly Advance Timelines

San Diego drugmaker Tocagen accelerated its gene cancer therapy into a pivotal Phase 3 trial, which the company estimates will shave off as many as three years from the drug’s development and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulatory process.

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Teams Seal First Victory With the Right Names

SPORTS: Connecting Team, Public and Place Is Goal

A rose by any other name would, of course, still smell as sweet.

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Spicing Up Chocolate

FOOD: CreativeApproach Translates into 3X Growth

Michael Antonorsi was in his teens when he wrote a bucket list of three activities: travel South America by car, train in France as a chef and sail to New Zealand.

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Timeshares Continue Solid Growth

TOURISM: Grand Pacific, Welk Expand Resort Options

Last year, Carlsbad-based Grand Pacific Resorts broke ground on a project in its backyard: an expansion of the Westin Hotel at the end of The Crossings Drive, adjacent to the Legoland California theme park.

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The Sale of the Art

COMMERCIAL: Artists Must Use Creativity for Pricing

Michael Carini prides himself on his brush stroke, along with his business acumen.

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Diet Pill Maker Orexigen Losing Race to Profits

PHARMA: Unable to Go It Alone, Co. Pursues Strategic Alternatives

Diet pill maker Orexigen Therapeutics, one of San Diego’s struggling public companies, may soon auction itself off to the highest bidder in an attempt to fortify its finances.

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IDEA1 Opening A Refreshing Change

DOWNTOWN: Hub Concept New for Mixed Use Developments

A dream that started seven years ago is about to become a reality with the official November opening of IDEA1 – a $91 million downtown San Diego project that combines office space, apartments, restaurants and retail space.

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Bringing AI Out of the Shadows

DEEP LEARNING: Intel Latest To Leverage San Diego Talent for Neuroscience

With significant help from some new allies in the far south of the state, Intel Corp. plans to ship a neural network microchip by the end of the year.

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Radar-like Lasers Show Promise in Obstacle Avoidance

NAVIGATION: Grant Helps Researchers Study How to Measure Motion

Lasers are getting more capable by the year.

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Innovation, Specialization Now Define Region’s Aviation Sector

ECONOMY: Many Jobs Created; Defense Needs Still a Big Driver

More than a century after the U.S. Navy tried out aircraft for the first time at North Island, the aviation business persists in San Diego County.

Private Jet Business Sticks With Its Flight Plan

Attempts to Bring Uber-Like Services or Other Big Changes to Aviation Don’t Take Off

There is something to be said for an on-demand charter flight, said Kimberly Herrell of Carlsbad-based Schubach Aviation. It’s nothing fancy. It’s the vanilla ice cream in the freezer case among sprinkles and swirls.

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Stability for Cruise Biz Part of Port Energy Plan

TRAVEL: A Big Energy Rate Hike Could Sink Sector Growth

The Port of San Diego and SDG&E embarked on a proposed energy management plan that looks to shield cruise ships from a potential five-fold increase in power costs, among other big goals.

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Business Is Blooming After the Drought

AGRICULTURE: Crop Values Up; Nurseries See Renewed Interest

The drought easing up last year and then officially ending in April contributed to a rebound in San Diego County’s agriculture industry.

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Leading Roles Can Be Personally Challenging for CTOs

TECH: Group Helps Them Take On Tasks Beyond Tech

Imagine your sharpest, most effective software engineers. They’re communicative and affable. Their charisma influences and inspires. They’re leaders of men and masters of code. Right?

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