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New Fed Framework May Benefit Fintechs

FINANCE: Rule Averts State-by-State Licensing

Ask finance folks what’s keeping them up at night and they’ll tell you keeping up with stringent post-recession government regulations.

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Casino Center Discovers Secret to Longevity

VENUE: Upgrades Keep Facility Fresh, Relevant

The Valley View Casino Center — formerly the San Diego Sports Arena — is seemingly immune to the passage of time.

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Dominating A Field of Play

GAMING: Psyonix’s Drive Pays Off, As Small Co. Makes a Very Big Score

The video game developers at Psyonix Inc. are living proof that experimentation pays off.

Deal them in: 2017 Conditions Should Coax Cos. to Bet on M&A

When the last day of 2016 rolls around, the value and number of mergers and acquisitions completed nationwide may not reach the high-water market set in 2015, but the number of major deals in the pipeline and a potential relaxing of antitrust regulations have experts bullish about 2017.

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M&A Culture Helps Hone and Spread the Wealth of Business Talent

Adam Simpson’s parents worried about his habit of growing small bioscience companies to the point where they would be acquired by a large pharmaceutical company.

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Capital Flows to New Blood Work Diagnostic

BIOTECH: Doctors Would Do Tests, Get Results in Minutes

With the media spotlight on the failure of the notorious (and now-disgraced) unicorn Theranos Inc., you would expect the company’s competition to suffer by association.

Assisted Living Meets Sharing Economy

HEALTH: Open Units Used for Short-Term Stays

Short-term stays are not a big focus for Cornerstone Senior Living and other assisted living community operators. But that could change if things go well with the local rollout of a service similar to Airbnb for seniors in need of limited-time, “respite” care.

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Deering Tunes In to Overseas Potential

TRADE: Price, Culture Come Into Play for Banjo Maker

During a five-day music festival in the Indian tourism capital of Jodhpur, Spring Valley businessman Greg Deering received a great deal of attention just walking around with one of his signature banjos.

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Foodies Joining Breakfast Club

DINING: Morning Diners Get Inventive Menu, Hip Settings, Hearty Servings

Restaurateur Johan Engman is doubling down on his bet that San Diego’s burgeoning foodie culture can translate to breakfast hours, especially on weekdays, when time-strapped commuters increasingly scarf down fast-food fare in their cars or at their work desks.

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Executive Q&A Trevor Callan, Callan Capital

Nearly a decade ago, the three Callan brothers, Trevor, Ryan and Tim, banded together to launch an independent wealth management firm. Callan Capital provides wealth management services with a focus on corporate executives facing significant financial changes, such as the sale of their company.

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Fiduciary Rule Reconfigures The Financial Advice Model

New federal rules on retirement accounts set to take effect in April have wealth managers working to ensure they can prove they are acting in their clients’ best interests.

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Small Brewers Plan To Sell Abroad

BREWING: Pilot Program to Assist With Shipping Logistics

After several years spent burnishing San Diego County’s reputation as a major craft beer capital, local brewers and economic leaders now see international sales as key to maintaining the industry’s momentum — especially amid signs of slowing growth in the United States.

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Will Trump Maintain Tough Trade Stance?

ECONOMY: Hard Line Seen Softening, But TPP Doomed

It was a day or two after the presidential election and someone at a local tile-maker was telling the head of the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce about the company’s plan to move forward with an expansion of its Tijuana manufacturing operation.

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Angel Makes Sure She Invests in People, Too

FINANCE: Mentorship Role Part of Her Passion, Personality

Allison Long Pettine can’t help herself — she’s a compulsive mentor.

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Creating an Opening For Healing

HEALTH: Scripps Assumes a Financial Risk In Expanding Patient Access to Proton Therapy n By JOHN COX

Frustrated with insurance delays, Scripps Health recently increased the number of patients it treats without prior health-plan approval at the $225 million proton therapy center it manages in Mira Mesa.

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Winning Architecture Brings a Sense of Style And a Sense of Belonging

A dozen buildings were recently highlighted as exemplars of local architecture at the San Diego Architectural Foundation’s 40th annual Orchids and Onions event.

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Foam Ban Carries A Cost for Eateries

LAW: Encinitas Action Attempts to Cut Pollution

Encinitas restaurateurs have about six months to replace the disposable plastic food containers and coffee cups they use to keep food and drinks warm.

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Moderation Guides Company and Cuisine

DINING: Luna Grill Expands Steadily in Familiar Markets

Healthy — or at least relatively healthy — continues to reign at U.S. restaurants, where diners increasingly look to minimize the junk food intake while keeping the tab around $12 or less.

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Cos. Find Comfort In 504 Loan Terms

FINANCE: Small Businesses Get Chance to Buy Key Assets

Michelle McLeod and her husband, Michael, found a property they thought would be a good addition to their growing business, which sells rocks and other landscape material.

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Finding a Middle Ground For Housing Development

PROPERTY: Medium Density Infill Housing Could Be a Fit for S.D.

A conceptual plan for building townhome-style residential units near San Marcos Creek has focused attention on a medium-density approach observers say may serve as a template for relieving a housing affordability crisis many agree is hurting the region’s economy.

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Manchester Moving to Recently Acquired Mister A’s Building

The former Sempra Energy tower in downtown San Diego will soon have another company name removed from its exterior, just a few months after its former co-owner, Manchester Financial Group, put its moniker on the Ash Street building.

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Industrial Demand Moves North; Developers Make Plans to Meet It

Afew years ago, when he led a local software company and was scouting North County for prospective industrial sites for his research-and-development efforts, Ben Badiee was able to find just four appropriate locations in the city of Escondido.

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BrightScope Acquired By New York Firm

FINANCE: Local Co. Approached Competitor About Working Together

After losing a bidding war with a larger company over a business they both wanted to buy, BrightScope Inc. CEO Mike Alfred decided: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

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Benefunder Gives New Direction a Try

GIVING: It’s a Selling Point For Donor-Advised Funds

When philanthropists give money to research, they don’t always feel like they’re making an impact. Money disappears into a foundation or a fund, and donors are left disconnected from how that money is being used.

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Co. Gives Polar Bears Some Air Support

TECH: Northrop Contest Takes on Climate Change

For short stints this summer and fall, engineers at Northrop Grumman Corp. set aside their defense-contract work and took up a different fight.

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Right Ingredients and Pinch Of Luck Form Food Cluster

ECONOMY: Logistics, Labor and Space Bring Cos. to North County

When Olli Salumeria scored an agreement putting its products in Whole Foods stores across the country, there was no question the salami-maker would need to expand beyond its 15,000-square-foot plant in Virginia. But where?

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Diverse Mix Shares Tepid Outlook, Limited Access to Capital

ECONOMY: Despite Recent Robust Growth, Cos. See Various Headwinds

San Diego business consultant Chris L. Shimojima admits his line of work gives him a somewhat skewed view of conditions facing many middle-market companies.

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Core Strength

Mid-Market Companies Dominate Locally in Job Growth, Investments

The National Center for the Middle Market doesn’t believe in jinxes, or it never would have posed the question.

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Veterans Scratching Entrepreneurial Itch

WORKFORCE: Resources Assist in Career Transition

L.J. Eastmead left the U.S. Marine Corps with two anchors – a young son and a husband on active duty. But her career was adrift.

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Yeast-Maker Joining Beer Migration East

CRAFT BEER: N.C. Facility Could Extend Market Share

Following similar moves by the region’s biggest craft beer-makers, Miramar’s White Labs Inc. is extending its production and distribution footprint well beyond San Diego County.