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Securing An Advantage

Webroot Assembles Assets and Acquisitions Into an Effective Force For Cybersecurity

To hear Hal Lonas tell it, the choice was obvious. In fact, it wasn’t much of a choice.

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Software Could Shift Load for Truckers

LOGISTICS: Smaller Carriers Get More Access to Shippers

It’s a long road with nothing but prairie between Ogallala and North Platte, Neb.

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Beer Week Pairs Well With Time and Place

TOURISM: November Dates Fill Void, Attract Good Mix

Hotel operator Elvin Lai knows first-hand that the annual San Diego Beer Week delivers a potent business kick to what is otherwise a so-so period for the local hospitality industry.

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Principle Players

ECONOMY: Rankings Aim to Take the Measure Of For-Benefit Companies

A walk through the shared offices of local startups should be sufficient proof that “for-benefit” companies are a particular favorite of millennial entrepreneurs.

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On Deck

Contractors Look to Be The One to Land Lucrative Deal for Aircraft-Carrier-Based UAV

It’s a military aircraft project easily worth billions of dollars, perhaps north of $10 billion, with a good chance of going to a San Diego vendor.

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The Munificent Five

Innovate 78 Brings North County Cities Together to Cooperate Rather Than Compete for Businesses

Michael Bronner, president of Dr. Bronner’s natural soap company, probably didn’t know it, but in 2013 he witnessed what passes for a minor miracle these days in city government.

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Keeping It Casual

Abnormal Wine Co. Finds Approachability Serves It Well in Brewing, Dining and Wine

L earning to appreciate the nuances and intricacies of wine can be daunting.

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Hungry Startup Is Targeting the Restaurant and Hospitality Business

WORKFORCE: Hiring Site Serves Eateries and Employees

Cody Barbo looks uncharacteristically tired as we walk through the coworking space he calls home, settling at a table drenched in afternoon sun. The light casts shadows under his eyes and his hair — normally perfectly coiffed — is ever so slightly mussed.

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CEO of Mountain Health Still a Healing Force

MEDICINE: Expanding Access Is One of Her Passions

When Judith Shaplin and her family moved to eastern San Diego County, her grade-school principal noticed the little girl’s interest in medicine and put her in charge of cleaning up other kids’ playground scrapes.

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Talent Pool

SPORT: Aqua Lung Looks To Pass Competitors With The Help of Michael Phelps

Quick. Name one of the biggest French companies in San Diego’s North County. One that balances showy, high-stakes athleticism with the silence of military covert operations. One built on a legacy of undersea exploration.

ACA Rule Hits California Cos. of 50-100 Employees

INSURANCE: Cos. Need to Get Creative In Planning Coverage

Health insurance broker Deric Fernandez could see it coming: An 80-employee local manufacturing company he works with was about to face a double whammy.

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Not Fit For Work

New Rules Limit Reach and Rewards Of Some Employee Wellness Programs

For years, the promise of improved health wasn’t the only thing attracting workers to the wellness programs Xavier Serrano helped local employers set up. Cash was a big incentive, as well.

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Hospital Builder Made it Better

BUILDING: Blueprint for Healing Seen in Features

For a man who has spent the last five years of his life building one of the most distinguished works of architecture in La Jolla’s skyline, the sleekly curvaceous UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center set to open by year’s end, Michael D. Wolfe had surprisingly little to say about the hospital’s appearance.

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Trolley Puts UTC on Right Transit Track

PROPERTY: Hot Submarket To Be Commuter Friendly

When it begins service in about five years, San Diego’s extended Mid-Coast Trolley will significantly ramp up mass-transit access to coast-adjacent neighborhoods including University Towne Center.

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Terminal to Carry Greater Economic Load

The Port of San Diego sees its 10th Avenue Marine Terminal as an economic engine that could pick up a lot of steam between now and 2035.

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Port Development Faces Sea of Variablets

Port district officials are still far from cementing the development vision for what the larger San Diego Bay area will look like 50 years from now despite a recent string of projects nearing approval at high-profile sites along downtown San Diego’s waterfront.

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Mayor Cites Protections, Backs Measure C

POLITICS: Chargers Agree to 8 Conditions, Including Cap on Costs

Mayor Kevin Faulconer has endorsed Measure C, the San Diego Chargers’ November ballot proposition to finance a $1.8 billion downtown stadium with convention facilities, after the team agreed to eight conditions including a cap on project costs.

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At This Institute, It Is About Degree of Interest and Aptitude

TECH: Technological, Mechanical Abilities Shaped Off College Track

Behind a big roll-up door, in warehouse space at the back of Coleman University on Balboa Avenue, Rod Weiss, James Burns and several other technologically inclined people have put together a space called ENVI.

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TransPower Converts Large Working Vehicles Into Electric-Powered, Fossil-Fuel Shunning Systems

If Mike Simon had his way, trucks in high-traffic areas might share a feature with San Diego Trolley cars. They would have pantographs. Pan-to … what?

South County Seeks Business Opportunities

Report: Forum Fleshes Out Ideas to Attract Good Jobs

Good-paying jobs may be in short supply around South County, but ideas for creating more of them abounded at an economic summit exploring ways to invigorate an area that is home to almost one in five San Diego County residents but only one in 10 of the region’s jobs.

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The Final Pros And Cons of Convadium

SPORT: Chargers Release Study; Mayor Backs Measure C

The race to decide the fate of the San Diego Chargers’ proposed downtown “convadium” has reached its noisy home stretch — signaled by a wave of high-profile endorsements, media advertisements, opposing press conferences and dueling consultant studies.

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Robo 3D Returns to The Kickstarter Well

TECH: New 3-D Printers Tap Into IoT, Functionality

Braydon Moreno has a thing for Kickstarter. The crowdfunding platform was the catalyst for Moreno’s now-booming startup, Robo 3D. In 2013, the firm raised $650,000. At the time, it was one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, and still ranks as one of the biggest crowdfunding hauls by a San Diego startup.

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Looking For Trouble

HEALTH: Co.’s Image Analysis Uses AI, Math and Other Tools for Cancer Detection

CureMetrix Inc. is not your typical software startup. Walking into the company’s headquarters, you can’t help but notice the lack of Ping-Pong tables and snack bars. No standing desks or sweeping downtown views, either. Walls are sparse. Keyboards are tapping. One employee sips tea as a complete hush envelops the space.

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La Mesa Revs Up For Redevelopment

PROPERTY: Various Projects Add to Momentum for Change

With no major fanfare or grand-opening hoopla, home furnishings retailer Restoration Hardware Outlet opened for business in mid-September at the Grossmont Center mall in La Mesa, filling a 55,000-square-foot space vacated by the bankrupt sporting goods chain Sports Authority.

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New Standards for Civic S.D. Expected

POLITICS: Some See Lack of Oversight, City Ceding Control

After more than a year of discussions, San Diego officials are nearing agreement on standards expected to boost oversight and raise standards for the approval of projects currently overseen by Civic San Diego, the nonprofit that has the final say on many development projects downtown and elsewhere in the city.

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Community Ride

SPORT: Culture, Cos., And Competition Create A ‘Cycling Capitol’ in S.D.

How did San Diego come to be a cycling powerhouse with an economic drivetrain of $547 million?

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Outsource Aims to Make U.S. Manufacturing Work for Customers

PRODUCTION: Access To Facility, Savings on Shipping Are Pluses

Ted Fogliani wasn’t quite sure what to make of the animated Australian sitting in his office.

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Monument Co.’s Words Are Its Bonds to Customers

PRODUCTION: Artisans Engrave the Headstones; Internet Vies for Business

A visit to Carol Parker’s office and workshop seems like a trip back to the days before World War II. The neighborhood is old and her buildings date from the 1930s. Some of the furnishings and religious statuary seem equally old. However, the computer-aided design hardware and the many California employment posters on the walls show this manufacturing business is very much a part of the 21st century.

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Sharing The S.D. Airspace

Aerospace Cluster Gives Cos. More Resources, Bigger Talent Pool, and A Host of Opportunities

Carlsbad-based 5D Robotics Inc. learned the value of being located within an industry cluster a couple of years ago when, facing a two-week deadline on a land-mine-detection project for the U.S. Army, it suddenly discovered a $300,000 mechanical arm it had ordered from Germany wasn’t entirely reliable under adverse weather conditions.

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Chargers Not on Hotels’ Highlight Reels

TOURISM: Football Fails to Score for Local Sector

National Football League games had a net $77 million impact on U.S. hotel revenue in 2015 — on par with the average $75 million seen over the past eight seasons — although the impact in San Diego was slightly negative, the research firm STR reported.