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Making The Case

BIOTECH: Illumina’s New Machine Does Actual Detective Workllumina Inc. has developed a technology that could transform the work done by crime scene investigators, helping to solve cold cases by uncovering the information hidden in degraded DNA.

By Brittany Meiling April 3, 2015 1:14 p.m.   Share

Qualcomm Announces Quarterly Dividend, New Server Platform

Qualcomm Inc. wrapped up the week by announcing a quarterly dividend and announcing that a preliminary version of a new server platform for the data center market was available to interested customers.

Seismic Warning Systems to Use Local Communications Network for Earthquake Warnings

A business that seeks to provide clients with several seconds of advance notice when an earthquake strikes is expanding in Southern California by buying capacity on a local scientific radio communications network.

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Robot’s Solar Flair Brightens Office Workers’ Worlds

TECH: Qualcomm Accelerator Client Creates Unusual Lighting Device

It’s widely accepted that an office lit with sunlight rather than artificial light results in happier, healthier workers and boosts productivity.

ESET Acquires English Firm DESlock+ for Undisclosed Price

ESET, the maker of computer antivirus software with a North American headquarters in downtown San Diego, recently acquired DESlock+, an English company specializing in advanced computer encryption solutions. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Surfing's Clean Break

SPORT: An Entrepreneur and a Scientist Look to Re-Shape Surfboard Making With an Algae-Based Board

The wave of algae products ― from baby formula to biodiesel ― has a new application: surfing.

The Need for Speed Puts Qualcomm in Verizon’s 5G Sandboxes

The Need for Speed Puts Qualcomm in Verizon’s 5G SandboxesSpeed, however, may be only one advantage of 5G, which ought to become common around 2020 but is being tested now.

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Co. Counts on Technology in Effort to Build a ‘Better Ballot’

SOFTWARE: Looks to Update Process From Registration to Voting

It could be the end of paper ballots, hanging chads and outdated, arcade-style voting machines thanks to San Diego-based cloud developer Everyone Counts. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) company has raised $20 million to push its electronic voting technology into more government elections. If the company’s founder has her way, the technology may even spread to elections in less developed countries ― where voting is dangerous and corruption prevalent.

Ready or Not: New Credit Cards Arrive

FINANCE: Changes in Liability Practices to Be Implemented

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are hoping to speed adoption of an anti-fraud technology for credit and debit cards this month by warning retailers they may be liable for fraudulent activity in their stores unless they get new card readers.

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Co.’s Space Mission Is To Protect, Deliver Data

TECH: Space Micro Takes Shot At More Commercial Business

In a few years, NASA will spend $87 million to send its latest satellite into space, hoping to find small planets roughly the size of Earth. The satellite, dubbed TESS, will track the brightness of a half-million stars over two years, watching for a flicker caused as a planet crosses in front of the star it is orbiting.

Qualcomm to Invest $150 Million in Indian Startups

Qualcomm Inc. announced it will invest up to $150 million in Indian startups during a meeting last week with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Digital Economy event in San Jose.

DOE Launches $20M Pilot Program to Promote Clean Energy

Small businesses in the clean energy sector can now apply for assistance from the Department of Energy’s national laboratories through the department’s new Small Business Vouchers Pilot.

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William Roper Jr. Named CFO at Human Longevity Inc.

Human Longevity Inc. (HLI), a genomics company in San Diego, announced Monday that William A. Roper Jr. has been appointed chief financial officer.

SDG&E Seeks Approval to Recover Some 2007 Wildfire Costs Through Rates

San Diego Gas & Electric asked the California Public Utilities Commission for approval to recover in rates the remaining costs — about $379 million — to settle the 2,500 lawsuits related to the 2007 wildfires.

MediaTek Chip Replaces Qualcomm's in Amazon Product

Taiwan-based MediaTek said on Sept. 17 that its processor powers the latest Amazon Fire TV streaming box, as well as the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets, which go on the market between Sept. 30 and Oct. 5.

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Local Cos. Part of Informal Regional Effort to Hire Qualcomm Layoffs

TECH: Varied Businesses Look to Keep Talent in S.D.

Making good on a promise to investors that it would cut staff, Qualcomm Inc. gave 60-day layoff notices to more than 1,300 full-time employees in San Diego and to an unspecified number in other U.S. offices earlier this month. The business said in July that it planned to cut 15 percent of its worldwide staff — or about 4,500 people — as profits in the chip space decline and as it searches for higher-growth businesses. Qualcomm said it wanted to reduce costs by $1.1 billion annually by September 2016. In response, a handful of local technology companies and the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp. have come together to keep a critical mass of tech talent in the region. Cubic Corp., iboss Inc., Illumina and a dozen other companies agreed to consider laid-off employees for open positions and handle the