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Government Decides Who Meets Definition of ‘Minority Business’

What the common man calls a minority owned business and what the government means when its agencies and officials use the term can be very different notions. In bureaucratic language, the definition is fairly easy. The complexity begins with how to prove it and apply it.

By Marty Graham November 15, 2010 midnight share »
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These Resources Are the Tools to Take Businesses to Next Level

With the vast majority of minority-owned businesses operating as one-person companies, the challenge of finding help with everything from legal structure and knowing how to keep records to getting positioned to bid on government and agency contracts often comes down to finding help that fits into a working schedule.

By Marty Graham November 15, 2010 midnight share »

Success Stories: Minority Business Groups Share Their Experience

Minority-owned businesses may not be using all the resources — such as professional associations — that can help them succeed. Expanding a business is always difficult and never more so than in the midst of a long-running economic slump.

By Steve Sinovic November 15, 2010 midnight share »

Executive Profile: Debra Rosen

Debra Rosen is the president and CEO of the San Diego North Chamber of Commerce, an organization that represents over 800 businesses and 150,000 working San Diegans.

November 15, 2010 midnight share »

Thinking Big: Small PR Firm Works With Some Intellectual Giants

Every year, Stephanie Kellems and her staff embark on a project which, in the college environment, might be called an ambitious independent study assignment.

By Brad Graves November 8, 2010 midnight share »

SeaBotix’s Savvy Offense Helps It Land Valuable Defense Contracts

Seizing the home field advantage made sense for SeaBotix Inc., a startup company in a Navy town.

By Sylvia Tiersten November 8, 2010 midnight share »

Firm Gives Direction to Clients in Financial Distress

Whether it’s because a business is underperforming or experiencing mild to severe distress, Odyssey Strategic Advisory Services’ new clients often don’t feel very well when they come in and would like to see that change.

By Marty Graham November 8, 2010 midnight share »
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Careful Lending Habits Help Banks Rise to Top of Their Class

Given the fact that community banks’ primary business is lending money based on real estate values, it’s a wonder that any showed an average profit during the last three years, as they slogged through one of the worst economic times the nation has ever faced.

By Mike Allen October 25, 2010 midnight share »

Successful Bank CEOs Know Strengths,Weaknesses of Market

One thing the CEOs of high-performing banks have in common is an aversion to the type of risky loans that were common during the economic boom that preceded the recent mortgage market meltdown.

By Emmet Pierce October 25, 2010 midnight share »

Resilient Banks Make Strategic Plans for Acquiring New Customers

Although times are tough, banks need new customers to help them meet their goals of earning more than they are paying out in interest.

By Marty Graham October 25, 2010 midnight share »
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Executive Profile: John P. Massab

John P. Massab is the executive vice president and chief credit officer for Torrey Pines Bank.

October 25, 2010 midnight share »

Business Prospectors Tap Resources at Monthly Financial Forum

In an environment of upheaval and change in the financial services industry, consultant Ray Adler has created a forum for information exchange that is gaining some traction.

By Mike Allen October 25, 2010 midnight share »