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Executive Q&A: Kim Kamdar, partner, San Diego office of Domain Associates LLC

Kim Kamdar is as comfortable talking about life sciences as she is investing in them.

Local Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists ‘Partying Like It’s 1999’

FINANCE: Recent Successful IPOs Expected To Fuel More Investment

David Titus was in a great mood when he delivered the opening remarks for the recent San Diego Venture Summit.

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New VC Firms Finding Lots of Deals In San Diego’s Startup Ecosystem

VENTURE: Region Lured 7 Firms To Set Up Shop and Invest

The money men — and women — are venturing back to San Diego.

More Women Are Starting New Businesses to Seize Opportunities

BUSINESS: Legislation Is Proposed to Increase Female Access to Contracts

New data show that more women than ever are starting their own small businesses, and many rely on organizations and networking to succeed.

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In Case of Success Break Glass

LEADERSHIP: In a Time of Solid Ceilings, These 2 Women Shattered Stereotypes

In a recent study conducted by The Center for Women’s Business Research, with support from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and the National Women’s Business Council, the economic impact of the estimated 8 million U.S. majority women-owned businesses is $3 trillion.

And the Law Won

LAW: 3 Women Parlayed Passion and Perseverance To Successful Legal Careers

Among the high-powered lawyers in San Diego are three women — Juanita Brooks, Wendy Behan and Carey Cooper — with diverse backgrounds.

San Diego Manufacturers Search for Ways to Compete With Asia

Manufacturing: Region Has Advantage With Access to Labor in Mexico

As the economy recovers from the recession, manufacturers in San Diego County are looking for ways to better compete with their counterparts in Asia, who have lower labor costs.

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Forging Alliances Here and 'There'

To keep prices down as they compete globally, many San Diego County manufacturers are forced to forge alliances with companies outside the U.S. Five of San Diego’s manufacturers took some time to discuss the choices they made to build a profitable company. Tower Paddle

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Executive Q&A: Richard Muscio

Richard Muscio is a certified public accountant who assists wealthy families with estate and gift tax planning, investment due diligence and risk mitigation, family governance and business succession planning, with the goal of helping wealthy families thrive.

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The Success Behind Succession

Succession planning can take many forms for small business. Some business owners know precisely what they will do and lay the groundwork long before it might become an issue. Others know that their family has no interest in taking over the business and develop other ways to leave a legacy, and many just plan to sell the business when they decide it’s time to get out. This report takes a look at three different, yet successful companies, each with their own plan when it comes time to exit the business.

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Nationwide investment in construction projects is picking up as the general economy recovers, and San Diego County is reflecting that trend.

South San Diego County and Tijuana Maintain Close Business Ties

Border: Cross-Border Trade Is Vital to Growth Of California's Economy

Through good and bad times, the economies of South San Diego County and Tijuana remain closely connected as thousands of people — workers and visitors — cross the border each day, and billions of dollars in products are exchanged between the U.S. and Mexico.