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Said Goodbye In 2015

Haggen Food & Pharmacy San Diego County shoppers barely had time to notice, but the region this year bore witness to what some industry observers called the fastest failure in the modern history of grocery retailing.

2015: The Faces Of Success

Behind the brick and mortar and acres of reflective glass that stretch across San Diego’s sun-drenched landscape are the men and women who are shaping the region’s future.

Some call them power brokers, but it really isn’t about power. It’s about salesmanship, leadership and the ability to be politically and financially agile in an increasingly competitive and creative environment.

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Sticking With Their Principals

ECONOMY: Organizations Turned to Their Top Players To Skillfully Navigate 2015

To borrow a line from Frank Sinatra, it was a very good year. Perhaps not for all business leaders. But for those with foresight and drive, those in sync with the economy of 2015, the year was great.

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Reaching the Magic Number

INNOVATION: From Barrooms to Biotech Labs, These Inventors Obtained Their Goal of Earning Patents

Hundreds of patents are filed every month by San Diego companies and it’s no surprise Qualcomm Inc. often accounts for the lion’s share of applications. During the 30-day period from Oct. 10 to Nov. 10, the technology giant was issued 221 patents.

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Movement in The Market

PROPERTY: Economic Activity and Space Demands Raise Rents But Also Motivate Landlords to Improve Offerings

Many San Diego County office tenants landed some great “Class A” space at bargain prices in the immediate aftermath of the Great Recession of 2009-2010. Now, many of those businesses are facing what local commercial brokers aptly describe as “sticker shock,” as leases signed during that period come up for renewal.

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Mutual Benefit

FINANCE: Zebit’s Payroll Lending System Gives Employees a New Work Perk And Retailers a Piece of the Profits on Purchases

When San Diego-based lender Global Analytics bought a Philadelphia startup last year, it billed the acquisition as the perfect jumping off point to introduce its product to U.S. borrowers.

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The ACA Means Business

INSURANCE: The Arrival of the Employer Mandate Brings New Rules, Regulations and Questions to Cos.

The Affordable Care Act’s controversial Employer Mandate is finally here.

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Getting With The Programs

TECH: Code-Writing Boot Camps Are Popping Up As Students Seek Opportunity to Join the Tech Sector

The recruits wear shaggy beards and it’s laptops, not rifles, that have become their new best friends.

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Opposing Forces

DEFENSE: The Pentagon Cash Flow Is Kind to Some Cos., But the Specter of Defense Budget Cuts Still Looms

How healthy is the region’s defense economy? In the short term, it’s great. In the long term, observers seem a little more guarded

Finding The Openings

WORKFORCE: Many Sectors Are Looking to Hire as Gains in Employment Are Made in Most Major Industries

San Diego’s technology, life sciences and health care sectors remain the region’s largest sources of employment growth and are expected to continue hiring at a steady clip throughout the next year, economists say.

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With Patagonia On Board, Co.’s Green Wetsuit May Catch On

SPORT: Yulex Corp. Gets Natural Rubber From Guayule Plant

San Diego is not only home to the first “green” surfboard made from algae, but it also claims a wetsuit made from desert shrubs. It smells like pine trees and eucalyptus, a far cry from that hot rubber smell of a neoprene suit left in the backseat of a surfer’s car.

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Surfing's Clean Break

SPORT: An Entrepreneur and a Scientist Look to Re-Shape Surfboard Making With an Algae-Based Board

The wave of algae products ― from baby formula to biodiesel ― has a new application: surfing.