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Dirty Work Begins on CAP

SUSTAINABLE: Cost Of Renewable Energy Goal Is a Big Unknown

Four months ago, the San Diego City Council unanimously approved Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s ambitious climate plan, putting the city on a legally binding path to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2035. Most of those savings will come from the city’s pledge to eventually use 100 percent renewable energy.

Wealth Managers Need to Take Own Advice on Succession

FINANCE: Planning Is A Must for Their Own And Their Clients’ Sakes

For years, wealth managers Bob and Peg Eddy had a letter ready for their clients with important advice.

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The End Game

Without a Well-Planned, Well-Executed Exit Strategy, Business Owners Can Find the Window Closed for Successful Selling or Succession

There are plenty of options for small business owners looking to exit the companies they’ve started, including private equity sales, management buyouts, passing them down to family and even employee stock ownership plans.

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Secure Investment

TECH: Venture Capitalists Betting On Maturing Cybersecurity Field

For Stephan Chenette, the time seemed right. After working in cybersecurity for the better part of two decades, Chenette figured October 2013 was the optimum time to start his own business.

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Preparing for the Unpredictable

MEDICINE: Active Shooter Training Simulation Creates Conditions That Put Participants to the Test

The string of active shooter incidents across the country prompted San Diego-based Strategic Operations to stage a live-action training event — complete with explosives, actors, and ammunition.

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Policy Preferences

WORKFORCE: Employees Shun Blanket Benefits Coverage, Preferring To Quilt a Package That Fits Their Lifestyle and Needs

As competition for skilled workers increases, some businesses in the San Diego region are offering wider choices of employee benefits in order to retain their talent.

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Worst-Case Scenario

INSURANCE: Active Shooter Insurance Begins to Take Shape As Insurers Offer Financial Protection from Violence and Its Effects

Active shooter situations are joining the list of tragedies that can be insured through corporate policies. But active shooter insurance is still relatively rare, with no consensus yet on what a typical policy should look like.

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Downtown Rising

Why go downtown? When San Diegans fell in love with the suburbs after World War II, people asked the question with a negative tone. Why go downtown? Nothing there but sailors and grit.

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Celebrating Diversity

Special Report | Minority-Owned businesses

The San Diego region’s diverse population is increasingly reflected in the minority-owned businesses that provide a range of services, from tech support, to general contracting to logistics.

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Building A Gateway

DEVELOPMENT: Local Engineering Firms Find Cooperation Creates an Opening for Them in $1.3 Billion Waterfront Project

When it comes to bidding for a project the size of the Manchester Pacific Gateway, divide and conquer isn’t a bad strategy. At least, that’s what four local engineering firms decided when they took on and beat out the national competition.

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In Larger Numbers We Trust

Cos. Find Savings As Employer Mandate Drives Growth in Health Care Co-Ops

A new government mandate is pushing employers to join cost-sharing co-ops to help pay for health insurance benefits.

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Pay Parity

New State Law Broadens Efforts to Narrow Gender Wage Gap

Women still make less than men in a majority of industries (79 cents on the dollar by most accounts) despite state and federal laws aimed at narrowing the gender pay gap.