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Veterans May Face Private Sector Obstacle Course in Job Search

WORKFORCE: Military Experience Can Translate Into Needed Job Skills

In the battle to help workers land jobs that are worthy of their skills and experience, advocates for the nation’s military veterans face a special challenge.

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The Skill Seekers

WORKFORCE: Staffing Agencies, Employers See A Hot Job Market for Some n By EMMET PIERCE Unemployment rates remain high as the nation continues its slow climb out of the recession, but there are many

Unemployment rates remain high as the nation continues its slow climb out of the recession, but there are many positions in the San Diego region for which workers have remained in high demand.

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HEALTH: Telemedicine Targets the Inefficiencies Of Health Care Delivery

SPECIAL REPORT - TELEMEDICINE: The overcrowding of emergency departments has long been a major driver of the nation’s health care cost crisis.

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Leading Ladies

BUSINESS: Women Owners, Execs Succeed In Leadership Roles

Thirty years ago, Celia Hunter was one of only two women majoring in construction management at Oklahoma State University. She is now the founding CEO of a San Diego construction management firm, Hunter Pacific Group, which employs 28 and has had contracts ranging up to $1.3 billion.

Trailblazer Luth Research Advanced By Adopting New Technology

RESEARCH: Firm Expects to Grow 35% This Year

It started as a door to door solo mission. In 1977, Roseanne Luth would walk from house to house, asking homeowners to fill out product surveys, organizing church assemblies to do focus group taste testing —tapping into the consumer’s psyche to learn what beer or detergent or radio station the market liked best.

Executive Profile: Shandon Harbour

SDA Security is one of the leading safety and security providers in Southern California. Family owned and locally operated since 1930, SDA is a full-service shop which offers advanced burglary and intrusion detection, fire and environmental monitoring.

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Winning at ‘Table Games’

DINING: Some Local Restaurateurs See Right Time to Bet on Expansion

Consumers remain in a cautious mood when it comes to spending on meals outside the home, but several San Diego County restaurant operators see enough improvement happening in the economy to continue planning new locations and business expansions.

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Gourmet Quality Fare Rolls Up on Food Trucks Across San Diego

RESTAURANTS: Gourmet Food Trucks Number About 50 and Growing in the County

For years, Francisco Moreno’s mother ran a taco truck. Now he is opening up his own. But unlike his mother’s, which served traditional Mexican fare, Moreno’s concept fits in with the burgeoning trend of gourmet food trucks that have been sprouting up around the country.

Executive Profile: James Brennan

James Brennan came to San Diego in 1992, straight from high school in Manhattan. After graduating from the University of San Diego, he originally made his career in the real estate world. First, in mortgages where he personally funded over $500M in loans and was named to the Mortgage Originator Magazine Top 200 in the Nation five years in a row.

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Palomar Technologies’ Equipment Is in High Demand Globally

MANUFACTURING: Exports Represent About 70% of Sales Volume

A lot of this nation’s manufacturing may be outsourced to cheaper labor countries, but some products, particularly those with a high degree of complexity, remain entrenched here.

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Executive Profile: William R. Grande

William R. “Bob” Grande is the president and CEO of Quality Controlled Manufacturing Inc. The company was founded in 1978 in a garage in Santee.

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Building an ‘Icon’

CONSTRUCTION: New Library Delivers the Right Features Inside and Out

For the past three years, Turner Construction Co. and its 50 subcontractors have been erecting the library of the future on a square block at 11th Avenue and Park Boulevard in San Diego’s bustling East Village.