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Nationwide investment in construction projects is picking up as the general economy recovers, and San Diego County is reflecting that trend.

South San Diego County and Tijuana Maintain Close Business Ties

Border: Cross-Border Trade Is Vital to Growth Of California's Economy

Through good and bad times, the economies of South San Diego County and Tijuana remain closely connected as thousands of people — workers and visitors — cross the border each day, and billions of dollars in products are exchanged between the U.S. and Mexico.

A Tale of Real Estate Recovery In One South Bay Community

In the early 2000s, land in South County was plentiful and massive housing developments were sprouting up and selling out right and left. It was a time of naïve optimism and the assumption that the housing market would never go down. Then it did.

Bordering on Success

After weathering the long recession, South San Diego County businesses are poised for economic growth.

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Executive Q&A: Sue Reynolds, president & CEO, Community HousingWorks

Sue Reynolds, president and CEO of Community HousingWorks, describes herself as a passionate social entreprenuer fiercely focused on CHWs long-term impact of sustainability, financial health and changing families’ futures.

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Powerful Solutions

CLEAN-TECH: Cos. Offer Green Alternatives to Help Meet Energy Needs and Provide Local Jobs

San Diego’s clean technology sector is flourishing: From solar power and wind technologies to clean transportation, algae-based industrial chemicals and biofuels, the region is lush with companies that are pushing new boundaries in sustainability – and creating new jobs.

Businesses Still Running Under Caution Flag in Slow Recovery

It’s spring, which means time for many banks to release surveys of their small business clients.

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Executive Q&A: Steven Sefton, president and CEO of Regents Bank

Steven Sefton, president and CEO of Regents Bank, has spent his entire career in banking — much of it in top leadership positions.

Wal-Mart’s Money Transfer Unit Seen as Move Toward Banking

Banking: Retailer Offers Services That Many Banks Stopped Due to Regulations

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., with some 4,000 stores nationally, recently launched a money transfer business that undercuts the fees charged by market leaders Western Union and MoneyGram, and is causing some distress among bankers.

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Banking on Their Skills

FINANCE: Banks Compete for Customers With Assets Beyond Cash

The San Diego market may be overbanked by some measures but don’t tell that to Umpqua Bank and California Republic Bank, which just joined a group of 54 commercial lenders — not counting credit unions and finance companies — that do business here.

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Outside Hands Strengthen Management

management: Hiring Consultants Can Help Leverage Growth

Throughout the recent recession and subsequent recovery, San Diego-area businesses have relied heavily on management consulting firms to help them make the most of their potential.

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Executive Q&A: Jim Spain of Colliers International

Jim Spain, the San Diego managing regional director for Colliers International, has been in commercial real estate since November of 1982, when he joined Iliff Thorn and Co., the predecessor company to Colliers in San Diego. Colliers, a global commercial real estate firm with offices in 63 countries and revenues of more than $2.1 billion, acquired Iliff Thorn in 1994.