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Pay Parity

New State Law Broadens Efforts to Narrow Gender Wage Gap

Women still make less than men in a majority of industries (79 cents on the dollar by most accounts) despite state and federal laws aimed at narrowing the gender pay gap.

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Tech Sector Onboard With Efforts to Keep Graduates in Town

WORKFORCE: Bus Tour Shows Students Extent Of Opportunities Downtown

The dynamic has confounded local tech companies for years: The University of California, San Diego has almost 9,000 engineering students, and one of the largest and most successful computer science programs in the country, yet many suitable local high-tech job openings go unfilled.

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Practically Speaking

Business Schools Add Programs to Ensure Grads Have Communication Skills

Having strong academic skills can help university graduates land interviews for promising jobs, but those meetings won’t lead to employment unless they’ve also developed “soft skills.”

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Permanent 10,000-Seat Outdoor Venue for Symphony Proposed

After years of debates, lawsuits and postponements afflicting various waterfront projects in downtown San Diego — some of which are now being built — residents and government leaders may be ready for something a little more harmonious.

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Lack of Supply Drives Rents Up Across Entire Market

PROPERTY: Industrial Opportunities Limited To Suburban Submarkets

Fueled by steady job growth, San Diego County’s commercial real estate scene in 2015 saw a continuation of post-recession trends including dropping vacancy rates and rising rents.

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Solid Ground

San Diego Market Somewhat Insulated From External Volatility

The start of 2016 had many kinds of investors reaching for the Pepto-Bismol, as the year began with a severe economic slowdown in China, a global plunge in oil prices, and widespread volatility in U.S. stock markets.

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Opportunities Abroad

FINANCE: Reilly Financial Sees Expat Community Needing Its Services as The Investment Picture Gets More Complicated

Just before New Year’s Day, Swiss bank and wealth manager Julius Baer said it planned to pay $547 million to settle U.S. prosecutors’ allegations it helped Americans evade taxes. Frank Reilly, president of La Mesa-based Reilly Financial Advisors (RFA), saw the news as yet another development pushing Americans living abroad toward firms like his, which specialize in expatriate accounts.

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Strength in Diversity

ECONOMY: The Wide Variety of Our Businesses Is Insurance Against 2016 Storms

As international trade partners struggled with recession and consumer spending growth slowed, forecasters warned that the U.S. economy was losing momentum in the second half of 2015 and could close out the year weaker than expected. While the economy was still growing, they said, sluggish global demand was slowing that growth and pushing down corporate revenue.

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Could Make Headlines In 2016

The county’s No. 4 producer of craft beer is among the top 50 in the nation and is poised for more growth with the 2016 opening of a brewing facility in Virginia Beach, Va. The bi-coastal production capability will make Green Flash Brewing Co. an attractive acquisition target for the beer giants. The question is whether founders Lisa and Mike Hinkley might be tempted to sell given Ballast Point Brewing Co.’s recent $1 billion price tag.

Happy to See Year End

After a lengthy investigation, Qualcomm Inc. early in the year settled charges that it broke China’s anti-monopoly law, paying a $925 million fine and restructuring its Chinese license agreements. The year went downhill from there.

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Said Goodbye In 2015

Haggen Food & Pharmacy San Diego County shoppers barely had time to notice, but the region this year bore witness to what some industry observers called the fastest failure in the modern history of grocery retailing.

2015: The Faces Of Success

Behind the brick and mortar and acres of reflective glass that stretch across San Diego’s sun-drenched landscape are the men and women who are shaping the region’s future.

Some call them power brokers, but it really isn’t about power. It’s about salesmanship, leadership and the ability to be politically and financially agile in an increasingly competitive and creative environment.