MULTIFAMILY | Expect Upticks in Sales, Deliveries and, Yes, Rents

Excerpts from midpoint 2017 assessments from local experts in the multifamily segment:

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INDUSTRIAL | Softening from Uncertainty Will Give Way to High Demand

Excerpts from midpoint 2017 assessments from local experts in the industrial segment:

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Landlords Still Hold Favorable Cards

Sizzling Market Downshifts Slightly;Trends Emerge in Submarkets

As the early months of 2017 unfold, it’s clear that demand for San Diego County commercial real estate remains strong, even if most sectors aren’t exhibiting red-hot characteristics like those seen during the past two years, particularly in the multifamily and industrial segments.

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Battery Safety Concerns Power Innovations

Companies Are Making Progress in Preventing Danger of Fire and Explosion

The new style of batteries powering automobiles, smartphones and military vehicles are certainly capable. And they pack more power than other options.

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Co. Gains Momentum in Building Genomics Ecosystem in China

BIOTECH: Illumina Cultivates Relationship, Expands China Presence

Illumina Inc.’s top executives are building ties with the Chinese government as the San Diego company expands into the massive Chinese health care market. The scientific instrument company already has a campus in Shanghai, where it set up shop back in 2010. But business is suddenly booming. The company’s Shanghai office grew its headcount by 40 percent in 2015, and shipments to China increased by more than 60 percent in 2016.

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The Instrumental Players of Medtech

BIOTECH: Companies Capitalize on San Diego’s Talent, Technology and Tenacity in the Sector

San Diego is internationally known as a hub for medicine makers, often saluted for the drugs being developed on the Torrey Pines Mesa. But when it comes to homegrown companies that employ thousands of San Diegans, many of the top performers over the last half-decade are not making drugs at all.

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Biotech Turns to China

Local Cos. See Deep Pool Of Investment Dollars And Potential Access to Biggest Foreign Market

Local biotechs are increasingly teaming up with deep pockets in China, tapping flush investor groups that only recently became safe bets for companies guarding trade secrets. In the past 18 months, deal after deal has been announced with involvement from Chinese investors — a new trend for local life science companies that historically received very little cash from that part of the globe.

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Plot Your Patent Steps Carefully

LAW: Patents Don’t Always Lead to Market; Candor Counts in Process

Get a patent, sell the product. Easy-peasy, right?

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Qualcomm’s IP and Licensing Strength Targeted in Disputes

Clashes With Companies, Regulators Raise Question: Is San Diego-Based Co. FRAND or Foe?

It’s a fairly straightforward process. Modern-day Thomas Edisons dream up the invention. Their lawyers draw up the patent. And the technical splendor of that patent leads to a licensing agreement with Consumer Product Manufacturer X, which wants to use the invention in cutting-edge devices such as smartphones.

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Big-League Plays Give AleSmith A Winning Edge in the Market

MARKETING: Museum, Petco and Music Keep Brewer Ahead of Game

Among local brewers apparently benefiting from a go-bigger strategy — on a local, national and global basis — is San Diego’s AleSmith Brewing Co. Owner Peter Zien said the Miramar-based company in 2016 saw approximately 30 percent growth from the prior year in both revenue and barrels brewed, reaching about 35,000 barrels.

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Sober Assessment Time For Craft Brewing

Crowded Market, Limited Shelf Space and Other Factors Force Brewers to Have Solid Business Strategy

Brewers like Jim Crute, who has owned and operated Poway’s Lightning Brewery for the past decade, are finding that this is a critical time to assess their place in a craft beer industry where growth is slowing, and where retail shelf and tap space is getting increasingly tough to conquer.

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Food Is the New Retail Attraction in Downtown La Mesa

HOSPITALITY: $7M In Redevelopment Spawns Dramatic Transformation

Among the latest additions to La Mesa’s burgeoning downtown restaurant scene is the full-service Farmer’s Table, billed as a “farm-to-fork” eatery with a menu emphasizing locally sourced meats and produce.

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