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Sharing The S.D. Airspace

Aerospace Cluster Gives Cos. More Resources, Bigger Talent Pool, and A Host of OpportunitiesCarlsbad-based 5D Robotics Inc. learned the value of being located within an industry cluster a couple of years ago when, facing a two-week deadline on a land-mine-detection project for the U.S. Army, it suddenly discovered a $300,000 mechanical arm it had ordered from Germany wasn’t entirely reliable under adverse weather conditions.

By John Cox September 26, 2016 8:01 a.m.   $$ Share
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Outsource Aims to Make U.S. Manufacturing Work for Customers

PRODUCTION: Access To Facility, Savings on Shipping Are Pluses

Ted Fogliani wasn’t quite sure what to make of the animated Australian sitting in his office.

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Monument Co.’s Words Are Its Bonds to Customers

PRODUCTION: Artisans Engrave the Headstones; Internet Vies for Business

A visit to Carol Parker’s office and workshop seems like a trip back to the days before World War II. The neighborhood is old and her buildings date from the 1930s. Some of the furnishings and religious statuary seem equally old. However, the computer-aided design hardware and the many California employment posters on the walls show this manufacturing business is very much a part of the 21st century.

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A Detailed Account

Software: DecisionLogic Fills In the Financial Picture Beyond the Credit Score of Borrowers

Nearly 13 million people have had their banking information instantly and electronically verified by a lender using software invented by a San Diego company that offers an alternate method of determining a borrower’s creditworthiness.

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Developers Seek Exemption for High-Rise Housing in Hillcrest

PROPERTY: Update To Community Plan Brings Clash of Interests

San Diego city planners by year’s end are aiming to resolve long-disputed issues relating to the future of commercial and residential development in the popular Hillcrest neighborhood.

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Task Mastering

BUILDING: Co.’s Software Gives Subcontractors the Technological Tools To Both Document And Do the Job

Wendy Rogers was once a consultant to subcontractors, helping them get paid for work they had done, but not clearly documented on large construction projects.

A New Kind of Policy to Safeguard Small Business Finances

Tech: New Insurance May Protect Companies From Cybersecurity Losses

About 18 months ago, a cybercriminal tricked a Regents Bank client into transferring $150,000 out of his business account.

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Lawyer Fights for Qualcomm, Under Qualcomm in Varied Career

LAW: Strauss Led Outside Team in Big Contamination Case

High-tech and low-tech. Steve Strauss considers the contrast and smiles. The issues that cross his desk run the gamut. Strauss is a trial lawyer, a partner with Cooley LLP, with an office in San Diego.

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Cybersecurity’s Shared Concerns

Private Sector Becoming Proactive; Board Should Be Regularly Briefed

The threat of compromise by cybercriminals is far from theoretical for major San Diego businesses such as chip maker Qualcomm Inc. and medtech giant Illumina Inc.

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Building A Powerhouse

Tijuana’s Manufacturing and S.D.’s Medical Cos.’ Interests Should Align, But Will They?

Cali Baja has become the world mecca of medical device manufacturing, and yet many companies — even here in San Diego — are choosing to do their manufacturing elsewhere.

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Know Hitters

Co. Combines Hardware and Software to Evaluate How Your Form Is Functioning In Baseball and Other Sports

Justin Goltz gets into position to hit a baseball perched on a stand in front of him. A knot of bystanders feels the powerful whap of wood hitting leather as the ball sinks deep into a net.

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Seize The Momentum

Hot Spots Heat Up Commercial Markets, But Caution Is in the Air Despite Fairly Solid Forecast

In their recent twice-yearly survey gauging California commercial real estate sentiment, researchers at UCLA Anderson Forecast and the law firm Allen Matkins found investors and developers generally bullish on their prospects through 2019 — even if some expressed a twinge of caution about a coming “topping out” in optimism related to the office and retail markets.