Putting MBAs on Fast Track

Schools Consider Offering Accelerated Programs As Time and Career Concerns Weigh on StudentsNikhil Varaiya knows how to deal with students who complain it takes them too long to complete the Master of Business Administration program where he works at San Diego State University. “I’ve asked them, ‘Are you willing to go three semesters at 12 to 15 units a semester? That’s when they start to have some sort of hesitation,” said Varaiya, a finance professor at SDSU and director of its graduate business programs.

Synergy, Right Symbolism Required for Proper Naming of Schools

EDUCATION: Institutions Often Have Guidelines For Transformational Event

Despite its youthful 27 years, California State University San Marcos can boast philanthropist names on five of its facilities, including the library, the field house and the home of the business school.

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Bringing AI Out of the Shadows

DEEP LEARNING: Intel Latest To Leverage San Diego Talent for Neuroscience

With significant help from some new allies in the far south of the state, Intel Corp. plans to ship a neural network microchip by the end of the year.

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Radar-like Lasers Show Promise in Obstacle Avoidance

NAVIGATION: Grant Helps Researchers Study How to Measure Motion

Lasers are getting more capable by the year.

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Innovation, Specialization Now Define Region’s Aviation Sector

ECONOMY: Many Jobs Created; Defense Needs Still a Big Driver

More than a century after the U.S. Navy tried out aircraft for the first time at North Island, the aviation business persists in San Diego County.

Private Jet Business Sticks With Its Flight Plan

Attempts to Bring Uber-Like Services or Other Big Changes to Aviation Don’t Take Off

There is something to be said for an on-demand charter flight, said Kimberly Herrell of Carlsbad-based Schubach Aviation. It’s nothing fancy. It’s the vanilla ice cream in the freezer case among sprinkles and swirls.

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From a Pep Rally to a President’s Speech, Anchor Audio Is There

PRODUCTION: Co. Keeps Up With Advances And Big Competitors

Any U.S. high schooler in recent decades who participated in any outdoor event would likely be familiar with Anchor Audio’s flagship product.

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Manufacturing’s New Path Being Paved By 3-D Printing

Complex Printers Capable of Fusing Parts; Forecast 3D Tackles Jobs in Aerospace, Biomedical and Automotive

The new face of manufacturing in San Diego County sits inside a low-rise building at the end of a cul-de-sac next to McClellan-Palomar Airport.

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Urban Winery Finds Sustainable Way to Serve Its Wines

WINERY: Using New Device, Reusable Growlers Are Filled From Barrels

One urban winery in San Diego has found success taking a page out of the craft beer industry’s playbook.

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S.D. Wine Sector Is Its Own Blend of Businesses

From Vineyards to Urban Wineries, Local Producers Cultivate Good Reputation

Bring up California wine, and few think first of San Diego. Well, some Southern Californians may. But the association is likely attributable to geographic confusion: Temecula, the wine region in southwestern Riverside County, is often mistakenly believed to be in San Diego County.

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MiraCosta to Meet Cos.’ Demand With Biomanufacturing Degree

EDUCATION: Pioneering Community College Offering Is Employment Centered

A first-of-its-kind bachelor’s degree at MiraCosta College is preparing students for the manufacturing side of biotech with the goal of bolstering the region’s homegrown workforce.

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Tech Tackles Growing Problems for Farmers

Farmer’s High-Tech Irrigation System Shows Necessity of Innovation to Compete

When Kurt Bantle bought a 12.5-acre avocado grove in 2011, he envisioned farming as a nice contrast to his day job as a wireless testing expert. He also saw business potential.

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