Bridgepoint Education Releases Q1 Results

Revenue slides in the first quarter.

Business Success Means Engaging All Stakeholders

Bygone corporate strategy held that companies manage their business and responsibilities in silos — clients in one silo and shareholders in another. Human resources were separate, and charitable contributions an afterthought. Teamwork and integration were too often neglected. Interdependency of stakeholders was an unknown concept.

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Tourism, Craft Beer Confident in Having Customers’ Support

ECONOMY: Surveys Show Optimism Nearly Unchanged from 2017

San Diego craft brewers are still confident about the future of locally-made beer even as they worry about competition and market saturation.

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Free Address Office Sits Well With More Companies

OFFICE: Variety, Versatility Are Pluses of No Set Seat

Carissa Wisniewski as a managing partner of Moss Adams runs the company’s San Diego operations, but she doesn’t have a fancy corner office.

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Teradata Corp. Records $506M in Q1 Revenue

The company adjusted its guidance for 2018 revenue, citing the growing percentage of subscription licenses in its bookings mix.

Chicken of the Sea Moves North American HQ from S.D. to El Segundo

The new corporate headquarters saw the relocation of 150 staff.

Cauldron Ice Cream Coming to Kearny Mesa

Shop will feature handcrafted ice cream.

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Physicians Find The Strengths in Numbers

For Many Doctors, the Demands and Duties Of Private Practice Drive Them to Group Practices

Concerned about the pressures associated with running a business of their own, many doctors in San Diego County and around the country are leaving independent practices to work for larger medical groups.

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CPUC Judge Rejects Utility Request to Build New Natural Gas Pipeline in S.D.

The proposal orders the companies to pursue options for supply that may be needed in smaller amounts and for shorter periods of time in the coming years.

Furniture Sector Finds Money in the Mattresses

RETAIL: Jerome’s Expands Standalone Dream Shop Footprint

Everyone needs a mattress — and a recent report, along with announced expansion plans for one local company, are helping to prove it.

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University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences Announces Change in Ownership

University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences to be acquired by Altas Partners.

Profits Are Not Enough; Business Is Now Society

Thomas Friedman recently wrote about Facebook quoting, Dov Seidman, CEO of LRN, which helps companies and leaders build ethical cultures, “the business of business is no longer just business. The business of business is now society.” He may be right.

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Frozen Dessert Co. Arctic Zero Makes International Debut

The company plans to start selling its low-calorie pints at stores in Canada this month.

JMI Equity Leads $55M Investment in Financial Services Platform for Students

Since its start in 1992, JMI has invested in more than 130 businesses.

Origin Code Academy Offers Beginners Free Online Training

The online learning program uses an interactive video format to teach programming concepts.