The University of California-San Diego opened a new research laboratory dedicated to blockchain. The site, called BlockLAB, opened Sept. 25 at the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

The lab will be dedicated to researching blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, which store information through cryptographic blocks, making it secure, verifiable and permanent. In particular, it will look at potential uses for the technology in industry and government.

“One of our primary goals is to work closely with industry partners to provide foundational knowledge to help science-based and industrial companies evaluate the potential benefits and risks of applying these new technologies to critical, large-scale transaction and data-intensive business processes,” said James Short, director of BlockLAB and lead scientists at UCSD’s Center for Large Scale Data Systems.

The lab was founded in partnership with AEEC LLC, Collibra NV, Dell Technologies, IBM Corp. and Intel Corp.

AEEC CEO Raj Patil said potential uses for the technology include everything from IoT to fraud detection to supply chain management.

“It’s a wide net,” he said. “I think with the San Diego Supercomputer Center’s capabilities and expertise, and the personnel that they have, in many ways it may help shape what blockchain is going to be and the gold standard for the industry.”