Matt Grob, one of the nine members of Qualcomm Inc.'s executive committee, has left the company after 27 years.

Grob, executive vice president of technology for Qualcomm Technologies, announced on Twitter that May 7 was his final day at the company.

"Big thanks to everyone at Qualcomm for 27 amazing years, for so many lifelong friendships, for fantastic experiences and unique opportunities," he said. "What a ride, what a ride."

According to Qualcomm's website, Grob joined the company in 1991 as an engineer. In 1998, he was promoted to lead the company’s research and development system engineering group. In 2006, he took charge of its corporate R&D group, then called Qualcomm Research.

Grob was Qualcomm’s chief technology officer from 2011 to 2017.

A Qualcomm spokesperson confirmed Grob had announced his decision to leave, but would not comment on whether his departure was occasioned by the widespread layoffs underway at the tech firm. Qualcomm is reducing its local workforce of roughly 13,000 by 1,231.

Of his post-Qualcomm plans Grob said, "Up next: I intend to #keepinventing."

The message echoed the sentiment expressed by Paul Jacobs - the son of Qualcomm's cofounder, who was booted from his position as chairman of its board of directors earlier this year after revealing his interest in taking the company private - at its annual shareholders meeting.

After a short speech, Jacobs closed by saying, “I intend to keep inventing.”

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