A new report by Classy, a social enterprise that creates online fundraising software for nonprofits, provides those organizations with insights they can utilize to grow their donor base.

Some of the pointers include recurring donors are 42 percent more valuable than fundraisers, and 440 percent more valuable than one-time donors; the median age of a Giving Tuesday donor is 25, which is 12 years younger than the median donor on a typical day; mobile transaction volume contributes to peer-to-peer campaigns almost twice as much as donation pages; the median age of mobile donors is 36, and with 60 percent of mobile traffic coming from social media.

The San Diego company stated the report, released May 1, analyzes donor behavior across the Classy Fundraising Suite in 2017, and leverages proprietary data from more than 2.5 million donations, nearly 20,000 active fundraising campaigns, and over 3,500 organizations ranging in size from small to large.

“Online fundraising isn't a single thing – today's digital philanthropists can engage through mobile, interact with different campaign types like peer-to-peer or crowdfunding, commit to a recurring gift, register for events, and participate in unplanned inflection points like disasters and political events,” Ben Cipollini, director of engineering and data insights at Classy, said in a news release. “To that end, nonprofits need to demonstrate more flexibility and strategy in their fundraising than ever before, so we created this report to shine a light on their common paths to growth.”

The report also includes a fundraising benchmarks worksheet to encourage nonprofits to evaluate their own important data to help drive strategic planning.

Fundraising on the Classy platform has doubled each year since 2011 – resulting in thousands of nonprofits collectively raising over half a billion dollars, according to the company.