Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. announced June 21 that the Colorado state government approved its unmanned vehicle technology for use on the public highways.

Kratos (Nasdaq: KTOS) worked with Pennsylvania-based Royal Truck & Equipment, which builds a “crash attenuator” truck — the kind of vehicle with a giant rear bumper that follows highway crews as they do repairs, maintenance or striping. The truck is meant to stop wayward drivers before they hit people in the work party.

The unmanned Royal vehicle follows a second, human-driven truck. It utilizes follow-the-leader hardware and software that Kratos’ defense business developed for the U.S. Army.

The partners demonstrated the technology in Colorado in 2017.

Kratos said that several U.S. states are expected to approve the technology for operations that paint lines on roads.

“This is a landmark accomplishment that transitions the [Autonomous Impact Protection Vehicle] from the validation phase of deployment to standard safety critical equipment ready for operational use with trained roadside construction crews,” Kratos said in a statement.