A well-known researcher at Salk Institute for Biological Studies resigned after an investigation into his conduct.

In April, Salk’s board placed Inder Verma on leave. Later that month the journal Science published a story on sexual harassment allegations from eight women, which included Verma allegedly forcibly kissing them and propositioning them.

Verma has denied the allegations, according to media reports.

He resigned prior to Salk’s board concluding its discussions regarding the investigation and taking formal action, according to a June 11 statement posted on its website. Salk President Rusty Gage and board Chair Dan Lewis signed the statement.

“Our commitment from the outset has been to undertake an investigatory process that is thorough and impartial and to take action as appropriate. Although we will not comment on the details of this confidential personnel matter, we wanted to share with you the outcome of this process. Based on the findings of the investigator, the Institute has considered appropriate responsive action,” says the statement.

In December, Verma was removed as editor of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. He is known for being a top cancer and gene therapy scientist.

“As we have acknowledged, this has been a challenging time for the Institute,” Salk’s June 11 statement said. “When we signed on to be part of the Salk, we signed on to Jonas Salk’s bold mission to better humanity. And no humanistic value can be more important than respectful, fair treatment of each and every person — not just on our campus, but in all walks of our lives.”