The Port of San Diego and G2 Ocean, a bulk shipping company based in Norway, have launched a partnership that will bring regular liner service into San Diego. The ships will come from Europe, through the Panama Canal to the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal, Tanya Castaneda, a Port of San Diego spokeswoman, confirmed.

The base cargo is going to be steel coil, beams, plates and project cargo like engines and turbines, said Port of San Diego Senior Maritime Trade Account Manager Connie LeFevre, via a Youtube video, adding that the first shipment was received in May during the soft launch.

“We are committed to recruiting the cargo and to making sure San Diego is the right fit for the liner,” she said.

The three-year contract with G2 is the biggest the port has landed in years and will bring an estimated $600,000 in revenue annually for the San Diego Unified Port District, Castaneda said. The hope is more imports will come through the port with the help of the G2 liners.

G2 is a partnership between Gearbulk and Grieg Star, two bulk shipping companies with 50 years of experience combined. The alliance between G2 and the port comes after a $24 million renovation project at the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal which will increase the amount of cargo it can hold, from 1 million metric tons a few years ago to 4.7 million metric tons by 2035, according to the Castaneda.