The front elevation of a home with a giant fig tree at 160 27th St. in the Beach t in Del Mar. Photos courtesy of P.S. Platinum Properties

The front elevation of a home with a giant fig tree at 160 27th St. in the Beach t in Del Mar. Photos courtesy of P.S. Platinum Properties


The outdoor patio with fire pit and seating on the south-facing side of the home. Photo courtesy of P.S. Platinum Properties

— With the rumble of the racetrack to the east and the soothing sound of waves lapping the shore just a few steps to the west, this Craftsman-style home is the personification of life in the Beach Colony of Del Mar.

On a laid-back residential lane on the northwest corner of Camino Del Mar and 27th Street, the home has become somewhat of a landmark. Jon Granston, a realtor with P.S. Platinum Properties who has the listing on the property, said that whenever he mentions the house to people they will undoubtedly say “Oh, I know that house, it’s such a cool house.”

Built in 2006, the home at 160 27th St. in Del Mar is a three-bedroom, three-bath home with 2,242 square feet and a listing price of $5.7 million. Granston said this side of 27th Street is mainly primary owners, “so you get less of the transient feel right there.”

The Architecture

Designed by award-winning architect, Brian Church, as part of a two-home project that’s memorable not only for its architecture, but for the spectacular old fig tree that provides privacy from the street and shades the home.

Completely different from its sister home next door in color and façade, the home’s lines are uniquely Craftsman with a modern flair. Horizontal panels of ochre-colored wood siding are framed with a red-sandstone hued wooden trim. The front patio, partially shaded by the tree, has a sleekly modern vibe with a fire pit and low white concrete walls of varying levels capped by broad russet-colored stone slabs.

“What makes this one unique is you don’t see a whole lot of his (Brian Church’s) work around town, Granston said. “You see a lot of Dean Meredith, Bokal & Sneed, Batter Kay — what I think is interesting is that this home has a similar feel in a way to those architects, but it’s really a stand-alone house, a very unique home.”

Church does indeed have a diverse style and a varied portfolio. He’s built or remodeled homes in Del Mar, Encinitas and Solana Beach, according to his website. He’s also a commercial project architect with such notable structures as the Solterra Winery in Leucadia; Park 101, a restaurant in Carlsbad, the Pizza Port deck also in Carlsbad and the former Dos Palmas Bakery & Grill in Leucadia. A few years ago, he won the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Best Mixed-Use Project Honor award for SEMA4, a distinctive four-unit, live-work project inspired by the shape of a sail in Leucadia.

Granston said Church stayed true to the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired aesthetic and design, but that when people think of that architectural style they think sectioned-off rooms and cut off spaces.

“Here the kitchen, living and dining room is kind of one open flow,” he said. “It’s a good space with high ceilings and a fireplace.”

Both the kitchen and the dining room open to the outdoor patio on the front side, which is the south-facing side of the house. Off of the dining area is a table and built-in barbecue in a side patio area.

Upstairs, there’s an open area currently used as an office or reading room. There is also a guest bedroom with an en suite bath and a master bedroom with a full bath, walk-in closets, standup showers and sitting tub. Off of the upstairs space, a large rooftop deck with a view toward the sea includes a hot tub and a large stacked stone fireplace.

In addition to the open concept living space, the downstairs has another bedroom with a full bath and the laundry room.

Storage Solution

Granston said given that beach homes tend to be lacking in square footage, Church was able to maximize the “floor area ratio” or “FAR” in real estate lingo, and used what he referred to as bumpouts, where the walls bump out beyond the footprint of the living area to provide more storage area.

There are numerous additional Craftsman features like lots of stone and woodwork throughout the home as well as creative touches of modern art and design.

“In the front hallway there are two hanging surfboards that have really cool lighting fixtures in them that are part of the fixtures,” Granston, who has been in real estate for 14 years primarily in North County, said.

There is a two-car garage with plenty of storage as well as additional bumpouts out the back wall to maximize storage space. There is space for an additional three cars in the driveway, a rarity in the Beach Colony.

Granston said the general consensus is when people walk through the home they say it’s “very well built, well maintained and tastefully done.”

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