A plan to resurrect the drive to expand the San Diego convention center has been put together by a coalition of hotel owners, business leaders, labor unions and homeless advocates.

They want to put a measure on the November ballot that would raise $6.4 billion, most of which would go toward expanding the convention center with $2 billion earmarked for permanent housing for the homeless and homeless services.

An additional $600 million would go to road repairs.

The measure would boost the 12.5 percent hotel tax by 1.25 percent to 3.25 percent, with the rate highest for hotels closest to the convention center. Those farther away would pay a lower rate.

The actual hotel room tax is 10.5 percent, but an extra 2 percent is added for those staying in hotels of 70 rooms or more.

A prior plan to expand the convention center collapsed after a court ruling overturned a tax hike that was backed by hotel owners.

To get the new measure on the ballot, backers must collect more than 71,600 registered voters to sign petitions in support.

Organizers said they would start a signature-gathering campaign within the next month.