A Danish furniture company which closed its Little Italy store three years ago is hoping to return to San Diego in what it now sees as a hot market.

When BoConcept USA left its 1500 Front St. store, there was little foot traffic, said company marketing director Steen Knigge, but Little Italy has since become one of San Diego’s most vibrant neighborhoods, with new apartment and office buildings planned or under construction.

Along with Chicago and Houston, “San Diego is definitely the market we’re looking at,” Knigge said. “It’s my favorite city.”

He said the company is seeking someone to open a franchise in Little Italy or the Gaslamp District.

BoConcept appeals to “a relatively wealthy” demographic – people aged 29 to 49 with annual household incomes of $250,000 to $300,000, Knigge said.

“We’re not inexpensive furniture at all,” Knigge said. “We’re mid to premium price.”