San Diego-based frozen dessert company Arctic Zero, which makes an lactose-free, low-calorie alternative to ice cream, has gone international.

The company, which was founded in 2010, said it will begin selling seven flavors of its whey protein-based pints at supermarkets and independent grocers in Canada this month.

Arctic Zero markets the frozen desserts to people on restricted diets or those with particular dietary goals. The pints Arctic Zero plans to sell in Canada contain 40 to 80 calories per serving.

"Our expansion to Canada is in response to growing retail demand for Arctic Zero,” CEO Amit Pandhi said. “Consumers continue to discover the low-calorie frozen desserts category and Arctic Zero is preferred because of our focus on premium, cleaner ingredients and natural sweeteners."

Pandhi said the brand doesn’t use sugar alcohols, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, which sets it apart from competitors in the category.

The company said the response to its presence at trade shows in Canada in late 2017 and early 2018 reinforced requests it had received from Canadian shoppers for its products and clinched its decision to expand internationally.

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