Qualcomm Inc., which makes microchips and licenses technology for wireless communications, recently debuted its Vision Intelligence Platform, which features chipsets for the so-called internet-of-things (IoT).

Machines are more than ever being overlaid with wireless connectivity, and Qualcomm said the new platform is optimized for connected devices ranging from connected cameras to wearables to robotics.

The sets include Qualcomm's most advanced image signal processor and its Artificial Intelligence Engine, plus advanced camera processing software, machine learning and computer vision software development kits.

“Our goal is to make IoT devices significantly smarter as we help customers bring powerful on-device intelligence, camera processing and security," said Qualcomm Technologies' Joseph Bousaba, vice president of product management. "AI is already enabling cameras with object detection, tracking, classification and facial recognition, robots that avoid obstacles autonomously, and action cameras that learn and generate a video summary of your latest adventure, but this is really just the beginning.”

Qualcomm said video products provider Kedacom and camera maker Ricoh are planning to develop products based on the newly launched platform.