— Ever wonder what goes into some of those luxury condos being built in downtown San Diego?

Developer Nat Bosa gave a glimpse as some of the goodies in a recent tour of his 41-story “super prime” Pacific Gate bay-front condominium tower.

There are stone floors, stone walls in some of the rooms, Caesarstone quartz countertops which don’t absorb moisture like granite, and bathroom mirrors with built-in video screens that are visible from the shower. The bathroom mirrors also have defoggers and muted lighting that forms a sort of frame around the edges, kind of like a picture frame.

In the kitchen, the refrigerator is built-in with finishing to match the wood veneer wall, so at first glance it just looks like part of the wall instead of an appliance. The oven also is built-in.

Customized kitchen cabinets open automatically at a finger’s touch as opposed to yanking on a handle.

There’s also a special built-in drawer for doggie dishes which opens with a touch of a toe.

“The materials here are going to last a long time and this building is going to look great in 50 years,” Bosa said.

Prices at Pacific Gate range from $1.2 million for the least expensive model to nearly $3 million for a top-floor condo, with units ranging from 1,240 square feet to 2,608 square feet. Bosa said about 70 percent of the units have been sold.