Comic-Con International announced the selection of Adam Smith as its executive director of the year-round Comic-Con meeting and exhibit space in Balboa Park.

According to Comic-Con, Smith has more than 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience in the U.K. and U.S. centered on museums.

Smith's most recent achievement was as executive vice president for Commemorative Air Force in Dallas, where he led the design, fundraising, and construction of a world-class aviation museum. His immediate goals in San Diego are coordinating and hiring staff, and meeting with new and potential stakeholders. Comic-Con said more details about the facility would be released as the project develops.

“I am excited that my lifelong passion for pop culture, science fiction, and comics combined with my experience in museum management will blend effortlessly in our efforts to get this new facility off the ground,” Smith said.

Communications and Strategy Officer for Comic-Con International David Glanzer described Smith as “the perfect balance of fan enthusiasm and necessary expertise to bring this new endeavor to life.”

In June, Comic-Con International announced that its annual convention would stay in San Diego through 2021. According to a conservative estimate by the city, Comic-Con generates $135 million and $2.8 million in tax revenues for the region and the city, respectively.