A cult classic. That’s what WD-40 Co. calls the four-wheel-drive vehicle it is upgrading and planning to auction for charity.

The Scripps Ranch business makes chemicals for workshops, including workshops run by auto enthusiasts. It naturally gravitates to special projects involving automobiles, and those projects double as marketing opportunities.

This year’s project is a Ford Bronco from the model’s inaugural year, 1966. With the help of the Aaron Vaccar Co., the corporation is swapping out the engine — installing an up-to-date, twin-turbo EcoBoost drive train — and making other custom changes.

WD-40 (NYSE: WDFC) exhibited the vehicle at a premier show for people who customize cars: the Specialty Equipment Market Association show, Oct. 30-Nov. 2 in Las Vegas.

In addition to its signature product, WD-40 makes specialized items such as rust-release penetrant spray and a variety of lubricants. Projects like the Bronco — which is not WD-40’s first rebuild — expose a core market to WD-40’s product line, said Tim Lesmeister, the chemical company’s vice president of marketing.

“We’re able to showcase how WD-40 brand products can be used to help get the job done,” Lesmeister said.

Naturally, the Bronco is painted blue with accents of yellow, like a can of WD-40.

The “Boosted Bronco” is still a work in progress. The Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. will auction it off for charity in 2018.