Apartment renters better have good credit if they expect to get into that cool flat with nice amenities, according to a report from RENTCafe.com, an apartment search website.

The average credit score for tenants accepted into high-end apartments in San Diego was 677, according to RENTCafe.

It could be worse.

San Diego ranked 12th in the nation when it comes to the average credit rating needed to qualify.

Boston was tops at 737, San Francisco was second at 724, Oakland was fifth at 707 and Los Angeles was seventh at 691.

Those with lower credit ratings might try Las Vegas, where the average score among those approved for rentals was 590.

Nationally, baby boomers accepted had the highest score at 683, and millennials had the lowest at 530.

According to RENTCafe, credit ratings of 750 or more are considered tops and below 500 is the worst.