Local genomics company Human Longevity Inc. (HLI) just landed a deal with insurance giant MassMutual that is sure to score more customers for HLI.

Starting March 15, HLI began offering its whole genome sequencing service to customers, employees, and affiliated financial professionals of the insurer formally known as Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.

The service – called HLIQ Whole Genome – is an analysis of a person’s genome. The report is said to give insights on the user’s health status, including risk for certain diseases, carrier status for family planning decisions, along with ancestry and personal details.

HLI is offering the service for $1,400, according to HLI spokesperson Heather Kowalski.

HLI said the reports will be kept confidential. "MassMutual will not receive from HLI any data, including genomic data, on these policy owners, customers, employees or financial professionals," according to a press release.

The local company is building a database of human genomes, and has amassed about 40,000 genomes so far. Through its partnership with MassMutual, the company hopes to bump that number to 200,000.

HLI was founded in 2014 by gene pioneer J. Craig Venter, who still serves the company as its executive chairman and head of scientific strategy. He recently handed CEO reins to Cynthia Collins, a former GE Healthcare executive.