Cubic Corp. is following through on a previously announced building expansion for its Alabama business, GATR Technologies. The new, 63,000-square-foot building will accommodate 20 more employees than previously announced.

Ahead of its June 1 groundbreaking in Huntsville, Cubic (NYSE: CUB) said that it plans to double GATR’s workforce of 125 over two years.

Company officials said in a February interview that GATR had 130 employees and planned to add 100.

GATR makes a unique portable satellite dish for military use. GATR’s product inflates into a ball-like structure that contains a perfect, parabolic satellite dish. The structure deflates for transport. Moving a GATR structure is easier than moving a conventional steel satellite dish, which is large, bulky and cumbersome. GATR makes a range of dishes up to 13 feet in diameter.

Cubic bought GATR in early 2016 for $232.5 million.

“We anticipate the facility expansion to support the growth of our engineering and manufacturing team as well as the increasing demand from our U.S. and international customers for our products,” said Mike Twyman, president of Cubic Mission Solutions, in a prepared statement.

In February, Cubic said it expected production to ramp up to fill orders from the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. The Army will need 700 dishes under a program called T2C2 (short for Transportable Tactical Command Communications).

Once finished, the new building in Huntsville’s Cumming Research Park will complement GATR’s existing, 35,000-square-foot structure. GATR is now operating out of multiple facilities across Huntsville.