Ingenu Inc. has announced that CEO John Horn has left the company.

Horn left two weeks ago as the company decided to refine its strategic direction, a company spokeswoman said on July 18.

The business has been building out a low-power wireless network to serve the internet of things, including oil and gas assets. Going forward, the business plans to partner with a separate network operator, while concentrating on its connectivity technology known as RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access). Ingenu has already been working with third-party network operators in markets outside the United States.

The business said it wants to make RPMA the de-facto standard for connecting the internet of things.

Babak Razi, managing partner at Third Wave Ventures and chairman of Ingenu, will serve as chief executive in the interim. The company announced a search for a permanent CEO.

The company was previously known as On-Ramp Wireless.

Ingenu has 120 employees.