— Egbert Oostburg, founder of Drone Aviator, was among the authors of new regulations that now require all recreational drones to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. The new rules require owners of drone and model aircraft weighing between 0.55 and 55 pounds to pay a $5 registration fee and provide information linking them to a unique drone ID number that must be on the device at all times.

The regulations were a small part of the $700 billion 2018 National Defense Authorization Act that President Trump signed into law in mid-December.

Oostburg was among 74 applicants selected by the FAA to develop the regulations, with work groups established for technology, security and implementation.

Paul Guckian, VP of Engineering at Qualcomm Inc., and Ted Branch, formerly of Drone Aviator, were also part of the group and the four-month process.

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And, yes, if you just received a “flying camera” under the Christmas tree, that is a drone and if it flies above 400 feet, it must be registered. The government wants to be able to watch you or know who you are in case you are improperly watching someone or something else.

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Oostburg recently returned from Shenzhen, China, where he was one of 50 delegates on a State Department Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit. He said the summit was hastily put together on the heels of Trump’s visit to China.

Oostburg had been to Shenzhen while in the Navy many years ago and said he was “blown away” by its growth and sophistication as it has become China’s Silicon Valley. Shenzhen was a city of 30,000 in 1979 before it was designated as a specialized enterprise zone. It now has 12 million people.

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The $325 million sale of the KFMB stations by Midwest Television Inc. leaves KUSI as the only locally owned TV broadcaster (McKinnon Broadcasting). The market loses a big piece of its unique independence, but it will be no less competitive. Each of the four biggest stations won a time slot in the key 25-54 age demo in the November ratings period, which is used to determine advertising rates.

KGTV (10News) led newscasts at 4 a.m., 5 a.m. and 6 p.m. KSWB (Fox5 News) led at 6 a.m. KNSD (NBC7) led at 5 p.m. KFMB led at 11 p.m. It might be the most evenly competitive market in the country.

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