San Diego’s Biocept Inc. has inked a deal with Scripps Health making Biocept the system’s preferred provider for cancer-related liquid biopsy tests.

Biocept is a local molecular diagnostics company developing liquid biopsies to improve the detection and treatment of cancer. The company offers a blood-based method that detects and monitors biomarkers, which can lead to physicians making better informed treatment decisions based on genetic information.

With the new Scripps networking, in addition to agreements Biocept has set up with other health plans, over 190 million people have in-network access to Biocept’s tests.

“Our Target Selector tests can be used to improve treatment outcomes by helping physicians rapidly obtain the actionable information they need to design personalized treatment plans for their cancer patients,” said Biocept’s president and CEO Michael Nall in a statement. “Our liquid biopsy tests are now available on an in-network basis to millions of patients throughout the United States."